Are you? Well, I mean. 

It's been eight and a half months* - what's been happening in your life? Nothing? Jolly good - excellent job obeying the requirements of lockdown.

Me? Well. Nothing. Lockdown etc.

But also: lots.

5yo started school in August. It's been (largely) positive and she (mostly) loves it and we're (overall) happy she's there. Every time we go to the local park she runs into someone from school and they climb frames and wobble seesaws and disappear into dens behind the bushes together. It's lovely (I'm totally jealous).

2yo started nursery in September, although her funding didn't kick in until January. We scraped together the wads of cash to send her in early so she could interact with other children/have a break from binge watching Bitz and Bob. It's been (largely) positive and she (mostly) loves it and we're (overall) happy she's there. Every time we go to the local park she complains bitterly because it's the only place she's been in the last twelve months and the excitement has long since worn off.

She became 3yo in November. Another family came and ate individually wrapped cake slices with us in the garden and the kids played some sort of chasing game which involved jailing Steve in a hula hoop. 

Steve and I got married. Yes! In the local park, because I am not joking about the kids not having left the neighbourhood in a year. It was October, that brief spell when our parents could travel into the city and stay in a hotel and stand two metres from us, hopefully feeling pleasantly emotional about the whole thing. The leaves were orange and yellow and crunchy underfoot. One of the kids enjoyed it and the other one cheered up when we let her jump in puddles in a party dress. There were four guests and doughnuts afterwards and we couldn't hug anyone but I'm so glad we did it.

We haven't seen any of the grandparents since then. I'm very ready for all of this to be over, but I can't seem to let myself get my hopes up or put faith in the latest route map or basically believe that we will ever live a life other than a locked down one. It's the way I'm currently coping - telling myself, on some level, that this is all perfectly normal, it's absolutely fine, there's no good thinking about some sci-fi alternative world in which my friends can cross council boundaries to eat cake with me. When it happens, it will come as a wonderful surprise.

Despite all this cunning self-trickery, I spent my first two child-free days in months lying on the sofa, doing nothing. Not the pleasant cake-eating, tea-drinking, book-reading, TV-watching sort of nothing I had planned. Just: nothing. Staring into space nothing. Emotionally overwhelmed nothing. Arms of jelly nothing. If I had had any opportunity whatsoever to catch germs in the previous two weeks, I might have suspected a virus, nothing.

I'm into my eighth year of my photo a day project and my tenth year of posting on this blog. Neither was marked with cake, although I'm regretting that oversight now.

Anyway, that was my eight and a half months. There's a lot in my head right now and I intend to write about some of it some time, but not right now. Right now I'm just popping past to say hi.

How are things with you?

*I mean, it had been eight and a half months, then I moved a bunch of blog posts over here that I had published somewhere else.