One Month: December

Rice Krispie cake with flamingo candles

We're back to normality tomorrow, so it's time for a little look back over the birthday-and-festive month of December.

To nobody's great surprise, it didn't go completely smoothly. The littlest's birthday party was cancelled as all her friends had vomiting bugs (we did still make her an egg-avoiding giant Rice Krispie cake that day, though); my birthday plans were cancelled due to one of the kids turning grey and spiking a temperature, early morning. Go, December, whoo, etc. But we did get through Steve's birthday, Steve's dad's birthday and Christmas Day without incident, and a 60% success rate isn't bad for this time of year.

Pine cone Santa

We try to keep Christmas quite simple (read: cheap and minimum effort) but still sparkly and exciting for the kids. Some things we did:

  • The eldest had her nursery Christmas show, which took place in a local church hall. It involved the staff and audience singing carols loudly while the children sat on the floor, looking a bit overwhelmed. Then there were mince pies. It was lovely. Our kid was dressed as an angel, much to her delight - she particularly liked the halo, which she seemed to think was for hanging her at the top of a really enormous Christmas tree.
  • I took her to see Frozen II. We both loved it. There were many questions afterwards. Also ice cream. 
  • Steve took her to the "Christmas Village" where she had her annual go on the helter-skelter - she had only been looking forward to it for eleven solid months. They went on a few other rides and ate some chips.
  • We went to the "family" winter show at the theatre - it was a bit bleak and went completely over the kids' heads. Luckily, we were going for pizza afterwards, although we only realised after eating that we couldn't pay for it with our Tesco Clubcard points - whoops!
  • We saw our friend, Pauline, doing festive storytelling in a local shop. There were enormous Christmas biscuits for the kids and nobody told them off for touching the very expensive cushions. 
  • We all went to see Bing's Christmas at the cinema. It was the youngest's first trip to the cinema and she was adamant she didn't want to stay until the moment Bing appeared on the screen, from which point on she was transfixed. The own brand Wotsits also helped.
  • My book group also had our Christmas lunch, which was not dissimilar to our normal book group meetings but I ate two courses of fancy mushrooms instead of halloumi and chips.
Basically, Steve got his way and Christmas was all about the food.

Statue called Pounce behind a Christmas tree
Lazy Susan laden with vegetables

Christmas Day itself started at 4:20 (thanks, kids) but otherwise went without hitch. Stockings were opened, breakfast was eaten, presents were opened (although Steve and I did have to open the last few for our youngest), and everybody liked everything they received. There was lovely food, the kids agreed to watch something other than Peppa Pig, and we only spent an hour peeling the sellotape off the wrapping paper before we bunged it in the recycling bin.

Steve and I have spent the last however-many days watching that really bleak adaptation of A Christmas Carol, both Big Fat Quizes, and the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures whilst drinking a bit too much wine and eating all the chocolate the kids didn't know we had.

Doll and misc clutter on a table
Reindeer silhouettes on a table

And, despite all that, I found time to see a few friends, including one who was making a flying visit from way, way, way down South (in "the North").

How was December for you?

Sunset on New Year's Eve