Tomato plants
Plane at sunset
Petals picked off and scattered
Kid looking at Nuart exhibit
Colourful bracelets
Perspex seagulls in flights

  • The eldest turned four. Her birthday was over that scorching weekend we just had. Her party was in the garden and she ran through a water fountain and there were two pink cakes which we can't seem to finish. 
  • The youngest broke her leg. She had a cast on for two weeks which came off today. It didn't stop her from climbing or walking, although she bum shuffled around when she needed to move at speed. 
  • Steve has this week off and we have no plans. We're having lazy family days and I wish it was like this all the time.
  • We got a dishwasher after several environmentally savvy friends assured it was an okay thing to do. It has improved our evenings immeasurably. We also got an outdoor tap and had the hideously unsafe gas fire replaced. Basically, there's been a lot of plumbing work going on.
  • I spent an hour looking at the photo a day blog two friends and I used to do years and years and years ago (it's still live). A lot of the photos aren't great - although several of them are - and it tails off quite a bit towards the end of the year, but I do miss having some kind of collaborative project going on (suggestions welcome). Sharing some of my private photo a day pictures on here is the closest I currently get, so here you go.
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