Three Things From This Week

Fairy door

Ten Years
Steve and I celebrated our tenth anniversary by eating pizza, drinking half a bottle of red wine and sitting on the sofa, watching Brooklyn 99 together. I gave him a beautiful portrait of our family and he gave me a book called Help. We regretted the wine in the morning.

The kids and I went to the dentist. We did not take the buggy because the dentist is located in one of those tiny old buildings where the doors will barely allow my hips to pass, never mind a pushchair; presumably the original residents didn't need perambulators because they left their kids in a drawer.

Once inside, the dentist is upstairs.

So, yes, I took the littlest on the reins and trusted the three year old to maintain control of her while I was in the dentist's chair. I'm telling you this not because there's an amusingly awful conclusion to this story - it all went surprisingly smoothly, other than them both wanting to sit on my lap throughout and then desperately wanting to hang around in the waiting room afterwards so they could figure out what the toy iron was for - but because I found the whole thing incredibly stressful and want you all to praise me for my bravery.

Some fairies have moved into a very narrow wall in our garden, sticking their door and some windows to it with heavy duty outdoor Velcro (the secret to much fairy magic). The eldest is fully invested in these fairy residents and has been leaving them gifts, planting bulbs around their house and even constructing a set of steps so they can get down from the rockery without using their wings; there is a semi-permanent bucket of "yummy" weeds, sand and gutter water for them to enjoy. This is simultaneously incredibly sweet and a bit of a concern because the fairies are really, really shy and it's not looking like she's ever going to get to meet them...

Though, on the bright side, a ladybird landed on her leg yesterday, so not all tiny winged things are being elusive.

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