Some Ways In Which I Still Resemble A Preschooler

  • I believe food and drink tastes better when I'm using yellow crockery.
  • I deeply resent sensible bedtimes.
  • If it's not for sitting, standing or swinging on, I am probably sitting, standing or swinging on it.
  • I believe myself to be an amazing singer and dancer despite never having taken a lesson. Or having demonstrated any proficiency.
  • I'm not intentionally ignoring you - I just haven't registered your voice yet.
  • I hate wearing hats.
  • Also slippers, although I find it quite entertaining to dress my feet up as ducks.
  • I don't want to share my snack with you but I do want you to share your snack with me.
  • I only know what day of the week it is because they sang about it on CBeebies.
  • I find new places intimidating but am quickly won over by carousels and cake.
  • I frequently want to throw myself face down on the pavement with exhaustion.
  • I spend my life listening to family members trying to tell me what to do. I hate when they add on "NOW!"
  • I have memorised about 90% of Frozen.
  • I cry easily and frequently.
  • I don't believe in saving my sparkly clothes for best.

  • I believe in the existence of cold temperatures.
  • I really fancy a nap.

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