29 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

29 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love: One for Every Day in February

  1. Stop to savour that tea/hot chocolate/coffee
  2. Watch your favourite film
  3. Strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch
  4. Meet a friend for lunch 
  5. Wear something you usually save for best
  6. Muck around in a playpark
  7. Give your skin a break from the make up
  8. Smile at yourself in the mirror
  9. Eat all the pancakes you can manage
  10. Tense up your shoulders as tight as you can. Release them. Repeat.
  11. Go for long walks at lunchtime
  12. Make a list of fun things you would like to do and start actively planning one of them
  13. Celebrate Galentine's Day with your closest friends
  14. Read Tiny Beautiful Things
  15. Pick a posey of snowdrops; arrange them in a shot glass or milk jug
  16. Just have a takeaway, okay? My first choice is pizza.
  17. Crunch through some frost or ice first thing in the morning
  18. Make a list of your own strengths
  19. Lie flat on your back, concentrating on slow, steady breathing
  20. Sing along loudly to your favourite songs
  21. Throw out any clothes which make you feel bad about yourself
  22. And any shoes which cause you pain
  23. While you're at it, get measured for new bras
  24. Make time for your feelgood hobby
  25. Go skating or cycling or skateboarding or skiing. Move really fast.
  26. Go to the health food store and buy some interesting snacks
  27. Get in touch with someone you haven't seen in ages
  28. Roll spiky massage balls around with your feet
  29. Hang something gorgeous on the wall


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