Five Years of Cohabitation

Today marks five years since Steve and I moved in together.

The initial decision was greeted with some scepticism by our social circle - even the parts of it which know us really well. I was used to living alone in a small, clutter-free flat; Steve was a hoarder famed for his stubborn streak - how on earth was that going to work?!

I never had any doubts, though. We make a good match. It was simply going to work.

And it simply did.

(That said: here's my advice for cohabiting harmoniously)

Sarah Rooftops on purple armchair
Steve Rooftops with pint

Yes, that picture of Steve is supposed to be upside down. The two photos go together... see? Our views of each other...? See...?

Well, I thought it was funny when I took it five years ago...

Anyway, here we are, five years later, in a bigger place with a garden, two added cats and now a baby.

We're still a good match.

And it still works.

Though it helps that there's an attic for all his stuff.