5 Years of Writing Sarah Rooftops

Sarah Rooftops, original profile picture

Today marks five years since I started Sarah Rooftops.

Not five years since I started blogging. I've been doing this for closer to fifteen years but all of those old blogs are long since gone (believe me: I've checked).

But for five years I've been hanging out here, posting my thoughts and photos and stories onto the internet, chatting in the comments section, on social media and in person with other bloggers.

I didn't have a plan for Sarah Rooftops - it was really just somewhere to put my pictures - but over the years it's turned into something I'm pretty proud of. I'm proud of a lot of my writing; I'm proud of a lot of the ideas I've had; I'm proud of all of the projects I've run here over the years (who remembers Three Things February, Why Don't You...? or Basic Camera, Brilliant Pictures?).

Blogging has brought me the odd freebie and an amazing trip to Edinburgh. It has helped me get jobs and it has helped me through bad jobs by giving me something more positive to focus on.

This blog has become a record of my cohabitation with Steve, of owning two different homes, of adopting two cats and now of being a parent. It's not always easy to explain to non-bloggers why I'm happy to write about my life online but this is a big part of it: I love this record of how I felt at the big moments in my life and of the smaller things I would otherwise forget.

And I love that sharing this journey has let me make real friends - some of whom are going through similar life experiences; some of whom are choosing completely different paths. Without this blog, I would never have met some of my absolutely favourite people to spend time with and I wouldn't have all of the online friends that I now do.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Sarah Rooftops, 2015