Things Which Are Too Popular For Me to Enjoy

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was eager to be an individual. I was suspicious of blockbuster movies, slightly disappointed when bands I liked made it big and I bought all of my clothes from charity shops.

Of course, in reality I was identical to all the other 90s grunge era slackers. Being uniformly "different" was our way of fitting in. But I liked to believe I was unique.

Stay Home Club recluse T-shirt and red spotty mug

In my quest to be anything but mainstream, I found myself rejecting a lot of popular things without even trying them. You wouldn't have caught me getting a Rachel or going to Ibiza. I didn't know the Vengaboys' dance moves.

I like to think I'm beyond this now. I own clothes from ASOS; I've watched movies with explosions in them; I gave both kale and salted caramel a try (they're disgusting).

But the truth is, I still find myself refusing to risk liking a lot of popular things. If something's mentioned on too many blogs, I'll irrationally resist it.

Here are some of the things of which I'm stubbornly depriving myself at the moment:

That Konmari Decluttering Book

Because I'm good at decluttering; I couldn't possibly need advice from the same source as all the rest of the world.

The Archers

I was listening to The Archers when I was a child. Because my dad had it on in the car. I can't get my head around its [apparently] sudden popularity with people my age - is it retro?! I guess I'll never know.

Clothes With Watermelon Prints

Heaven forbid somebody should look at my frock and realise I hadn't wasted spent hours trawling vintage shops or obscure online indie boutiques finding something unique. The shame.

Peg Board

I've always liked the look of peg board but now that it's trendy and widely available, suddenly I find myself crinkling my nose.

Floral Crowns

I'd be a hit with all the kids at the parent and toddler group. But still. No. I'd rather be the drab one in the corner.

Adult Colouring Books

It seems like every other picture on my Instagram right now is an adult colouring book next to a cup of tea and a jug of peonies. Far too popular.

Ice Cream Made From Bananas/Chocolate Pudding Made From Avocados

The fear of somebody thinking I was following some faddish diet is too strong. I'm a big believer in the "sensible amounts of whatever the hell you fancy" approach. Unless whatever the hell you fancy is super-trendy right now, of course...