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I'm 30 weeks pregnant today - roughly three quarters of the way through! I can't believe how fast the time is passing. I also can't believe that, from next Tuesday, the remaining weeks will be counted in single figures - the last fifteen months have been all about getting to a successful birth and it seems incredible that that's about to change; I'm quite comfortable with this stage of our lives now and a little stunned that it's almost time to shift into the next one.

Baby Rooftops: 30 weeks pregnancy bump

Anyway, this seemed like as good a time as any to round up all the questions people keep asking me and to bung all the answers here.

Do you have any hunches what you're having?
Nope, still no idea! People tell me it's a boy because the bump is low and narrow but, honestly, I think that's got more to do with me being tall than with the baby's sex! Something to consider, though: my grandfather has fifteen great-grandchildren and they're all boys - am I more likely to continue or to break the streak?

Can you feel it kicking?
Yes, loads! Sometimes it kicks non-stop for three days; sometimes I won't feel it for hours. Sometimes the kicks feel deep and tiny; sometimes my whole belly lurches around. Even when it's uncomfortable, it's really quite incredible (and always reassuring). We can occasionally see lumps of baby moving around under the skin, too, which is simultaneously disturbing in an I've-watched-sci-fi-films-and-I-know-something's-about-to-explode-out-of-me kind of way and absolutely, utterly, overwhelmingly amazing.

How are you feeling now?
Obviously my hips are an ongoing issue - there are times when the pain's pretty low level and there are times when it's so bad I can hardly move. I'm trying to be all upbeat about it because, you know, that's what I do, but I'm not going to lie: it's tough and frustrating and there have been several crying fits. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good, though! Seriously! I get occasional heartburn and my legs are a little jumpy in the evenings but, by and large, I seem to be escaping the worst of the third trimester indignities. That may well be down to the enforced rest so I guess it has its good sides...?!

Have you got everything you need? 
We have all the basics (along with a couple of things we'll probably find we didn't need) although it's weird trying to buy baby clothes when we don't know what weight/height the baby will be and when every different shop seems to have its own version of sizing (yep, that inconsistency starts at birth).

What are your thoughts on nappies?
We know we don't want to be sending mountains of synthetic nappies to landfill so we won't be using the standard brands. We'll be starting off with "eco" disposables which are still not entirely environmentally ethical but are a step in the right direction. Once we're more confident about this whole parenting thing, we'll be giving serious thought to cloth nappies which, again, have good and bad points but which we think are worth looking into.

Have you written your birth plan?
Not yet. Our "Preparation for Birth and Labour" antenatal classes are at the end of the month so I'm holding off thinking too much about it until then. I like the idea of a water birth as apparently it's easier on the hips and less of a shock for the baby but so few of my friends ended up having the birth they expected, I'm trying not going to get too attached to any one idea.

Have you chosen a name yet?
Um... no... we have a couple of girl names we both like but we haven't made a firm decision yet; we're finding boy names much harder, largely because our friends (and my cousins) have used so many of the good ones! Suggestions in the comments section, please!

And how is Steve?
Outwardly calm.


  1. Wow fifteen boys! And I was convinced you're having a I might want to change my answer! Although if you do have a girl and pull the crap my ex colleague did (named her kid Elise, spelled it Ellyse...) I will have to disown you ;)

  2. You could still be right...! I was the only female first born of my generation so, if anyone's going to have a girl, it seems like it should be me!

    Oh no! No! We've both got first and last names that people CONSTANTLY spell incorrectly - we're going to spell the kid's name the simplest way (whatever it ends up being...!).

  3. Re: below: Hurrah for simple name spellings! As someone who has spent my entire life spelling my name,never was able to buy anything with my name on it when I was a kid, etc (not that that's vitally important but there was a time!), I applaud that! I don't envy you the name choosing but am sure it will feel right once he or she is here! I think you've struck the right balance between planning and not over-worrying on things that will sort themselves. :-)

  4. Ooh goody :) yes please, for the love of god, give the kid a name that teachers and the like can say without having to be corrected, if they turns out to be shy that'll be their worst nightmare! Also I have no respect for someone (parents to be) who cant tell the difference between Sarah and Sara...

  5. Oh, there have been stressy moments! Over all, I think we're pretty calm about it, though. :)

  6. Don't get me started on the whole Sarah/Sara thing...!

  7. I was always told that having more of a birth "guideline" than a plan was better since if you haven't done it before you don't really have much of a frame of reference. I went into it like, here is generally what I want, but the doctors have done this a ton more times so I'm okay listening to what they have to say too. I was also okay with my birth not being a huge, magic, transformative experience...I was fine with it being a means to an end, if that makes sense. And when they laid her on my chest...they might as well have pulled her out my mouth for how little I cared about the process.

    I'm so excited to see your little bit and find out your name. Yay babies! <3

  8. Yeah, I've been told much the same - I think it's a shame they call it a "plan" rather than "guideline" or "preferences" or something less rigid-sounding. A friend who recently gave birth said the ONLY thing which went according to her plan was the vitamin K injection!

    I'm getting excited to find out what we're having - as much as we honestly don't mind one way or the other it's a big mystery and I'm ready for the answer!

  9. Wow, fifteen boys?! Like Elise, I was sort of thinking you'd have a girl but maybe I need to change my answer... Thinking of names when you're a teacher is so hard, I don't envy my colleagues who have children. There is ALWAYS a little shit with the name you like. Ooh, and I don't know if I added Isaac to my list on names on Twitter (I don't know why all my favourite boys names are very Old Testament - Seth and Noah and Jonah and Isaac...)

  10. I did say to Steve that I was surprised by how biblical your suggestions were!

  11. I know, it's weird! Maybe my early years of church upbringing affected me more than I thought. I think I just like the timeless but un-boring nature of those names.

  12. Maybe! I find it really interesting how names fall in and out of fashion - almost all my favourite names are in the top 100 at the moment and I think that must be because all the 30-something parents had the same pop culture influences when we were little (yet I have NO IDEA what those influences were).

  13. We use cloth nappies. They're great, especially for containing exploding poonamis. We have a variety of brands and types now, for all different situations and as fit changes when the little monkey decides to grow again. We originally bought a bundle of one kind, but I wouldn't recommend that in hindsight (I'm still trying to sell on the ones from that bundle that we no longer use). Lots of 'preloved' selling sites and advice/chat sites on facebook to browse.

    There used to be a nappy library in Aberdeen, Nicole at The Nappy Laundry Company in Stonehaven may still have the stock. She's probably worth a call anyway when you decide to take the plunge.

  14. On names, I could never settle on a girl name. I knew what boy name I wanted very early on. I have a boy.

  15. This is sounding more and more confusing!

    Was that the place at Aberdeen Forward?


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