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The First Bit of June

My good mood from last month blazed onwards, amidst sunshine and sandals and ice cream and the swathes of flowers which I planted all by myself (with the kids' help). It lasted right up until last Wednesday when Steve's work announced they wanted him back in the office and my usual level of disgruntlement resumed. But let's focus on the chirpy bits, shall we?  June. June featured 6yo's school sports day. Obviously, parents couldn't attend this year, but she came home with three stickers and a new pride in her ability to balance cones on her head.  She also got back to her weekly art club. I'm not entirely sure what happens at the art club, but she goes along with several of her friends and reappears with upcycled bits of disposable cutlery, looking very pleased. My biggest adventure was getting in Emma 's car and going to B&Q for something essential (technical term: The Metal Poky Catch Bit That Goes Inside Of Doors). Also paint charts. And, while we wer

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