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I Am Without WiFi and I Don't Know How to Parent

Our household has been without WiFi for a week now. We're moving, you see, and our internet provider turned our phone off two and a half weeks earlier than we asked them to. Apparently it takes two weeks to get an engineer to switch a phone line back on and so *raises hands in the same gesture of helplessness our internet provider did* we're making do without until we're in our new home. Our internet provider (who I'm granting anonymity because of past customer service brilliance) has bought us a month's access to BT Hotspots to make up for it. Alas, BT Hotspots are only marginally faster than walking around all of your homes - including the ones in Canada - posting print outs of this blog post through your letterboxes, so *gesture of helplessness again*. Anyway, yes, no WiFi. This is a bit of a problem because it's hard to fill in online change of address forms if you can't get online. It's a bigger  problem because we use the internet for our TV and we

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