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April Went Like This...

My eldest child is now six years old. This is implausible for all the reasons it is always implausible (she was just born etc).  To everyone's surprise, a few days before she was due to "celebrate", the Scottish Government announced that multiple adults could now stand in the same part of the outdoors at the same time. This meant she could have a party ! An actual party ! You should have heard the scream of excitement when I told her. We strung a (reusable, felt) birthday banner to a tree in the park and she spent two hours up the top of it, eating controversial caterpillar cake with four friends and their assorted tiny siblings. Six grown ups stood underneath them, trying not to watch the risks they were taking with their delicate, unbroken limbs. She had a great time and many mermaid-themed gifts were received. 3yo had less to celebrate this month. She caught yet another nursery cold and ended up in A&E with breathing difficulties again . There are no toys in the ho

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