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Clicking Confirm

This week, we applied for our eldest child's place at school (she will start in August).

Gone are the days of trudging back and forth to the prospective school with bits of paper. It's all done online now. We applied from my phone. The website said it would take twenty minutes, but it was closer to three (and one of those was me whimpering, "I don't wanna!").

It was a bit of an anticlimax.

Steve and I felt like we both had to be there to fill in the form. This, despite only one of us being named on it. She's our child and we both needed to be there, to click the button on her future.

Neither of us wanted to do it alone.

Neither of us wanted to do it at all, really, but I did want to just GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY and so I was the one who typed in the letters and numbers.

It felt like such a huge thing to do. Our first baby will be starting school. She's practically leaving home, or so it feels to us.

And we weren't entirely certain about which school w…

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