About Sarah

Hi! I'm Sarah Rooftops - well, I'm Sarah Something-Else-Entirely but the name Rooftops dates back to a previous blog and has kind of stuck. In fact, it's stuck so much I've occasionally had a very confused postman to deal with.

I live in a gorgeous old flat in Aberdeen, Scotland with my boyfriend, daughter and our two black cats. I can mostly be found at the park.

In a less literal sense, I can also be found elsewhere on the internet. I run a photography project called Two Days the Same. I also tweet, pin and... uh... insta (is that a verb?).

Lately I've been blogging a lot about the futility of trying to get much sleep when you have a baby but I've also been known to write about what I like about life in Aberdeen, the books I've been reading and how to live a more contented life when you can't afford sparkly new shoes. That said, should you like to send me some sparkly new shoes, please see my contact details below.


My email address is sarahrooftops@gmail.com; I am not currently accepting sponsored posts but do occasionally accept product/restaurant reviews.