Feeling Lockdown

Hello! Happy... Thursday? Thursday. 

I'm convinced it's Friday because we gave the kids Peppa Pig Pasta Shapes for dinner, and usually that signals an evening of grown up food, grown up drinks and grown up shows with grown up four letter words in them. But, no.

So, my Monday night blogging routine fell by the wayside - already. I had ideas for 500 witty words this week, but, in truth, they were all just passive-aggressive remarks about the people with whom I'm locked in this flat. I was feeling lockdown; I vanted to be aloooooooooone and I couldn't even stomp off for a sulky walk because the weather was in an even fouler mood than I was.

It's been that kind of a week.

I've spent huge chunks of time standing at the window, commenting on the consistency of the sleet ("It's heavy now"; "It's lighter now"; "It's turning into hail").

5yo is refusing to do anything which she suspects may have been assigned by her school. "There is nothing good about these days of the virus," she announced this afternoon.

3yo has become very aware of her position as The Littlest and is trying to assert herself by sitting in her sister's favourite chair every mealtime and looking delighted with herself. 

And Steve is starting to suspect that I'm sneaking more than my fair share of the biscuits. About which he is correct. But it's that or steal from the children's selection boxes.

As for the cats, they're currently glaring at me because I've got a laptop on my knees instead of whichever one of them can jump at me the fastest (it's usually the female; the male ran headfirst into a table leg today - he could not accurately be described as either "athletic" or "particularly feline"). So, you know: duty calls. I need to wind this up now and clear some space for the kitties.

But tell me first: how has this week been for you?

(P.S. I'm in a much better mood today, thanks for any concern)