Rooftops Family Garden: Mid-October

It's autumn in the garden. The leaves on the tiny fruitless fruit trees are turning red and most of the flowers have faded.

In the early days of parenthood, we let our garden get wild. Far too wild. There was moss and grass where the flowerbeds were supposed to be and the plants had all been choked by rampaging weeds.

In spring this year, we paid a lovely chap called Steven to dig it all out and bung in a load of new topsoil. We started afresh. I filled the empty spaces with teeny tiny plug plants, most of which are still trying to establish themselves (despite the slugs' and snails' best efforts). Right now, between the newness of the plants and the time of year, there aren't a lot of flowers out there. My side of the garden (Steve has a vegetable patch at the other side) looks like this:
Wet garden, lots of greenery, not many flowers
I love it, though, because when you step in amongst it, it's a blanket of different leaves. There are so many plants in there - and, yes, I do see the dandelions, thank you - filling out, readying themselves for next year. I am so excited to see what emerges.
Right now, though, here's what's flowering:
Kaffir Lilies
All of my favourite flowers are autumn flowers: hydrangea, nerine, kaffir lilies, physalis, nasturtium (we do have massive nasturtium plants growing up around our trellises and benches right now, but every time a bud opens, the snails devour the petals - it is not the nasturtium's year). There may not be a lot of colour in the garden right now, but I feel so happy, every time I look at it.

We're also enjoying the last of our tomato harvest. We hadn't expected much from the tomatoes this year - our plastic greenhouse blew apart so they've been sitting outside in all weathers - but we've had a massive crop of small, sharp, bright red fruit. The kids are thrilled (the adults, too).
I'm hoping to get back to monthly garden updates. I don't think they've ever had a comment but it doesn't matter. I want this record for myself.


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