Things I Haven't Had Time/Motivation/Whatever To Post On My Blog

Glowing Book Reviews
  • The Surface Breaks by Louise O'Neill (The Little Mermaid gets rewritten all angry and feministy and stuff)
  • Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne (teenagers figure out mental health stuff; readers squirm at accurate representation of own neuroses)
  • Leap Year by Helen Russell (writer of The Year of Living Danishly spends a year trying to improve her life - not just by living in Denmark)
(I'm on Goodreads, by the way. Are you?)

Interiors Blog Pastiche
  • PARENTING: How to Style Your Living Room When It Contains A Cardboard Box the Size of Your Sofa
    ​>>> Paint the box in the Pantone Colour of the Year:​ Living Coral​. Firmly correct your children when they refer to it as "pink"​.
    >>> Fill it with scatter cushions and​ describe it as "an eco-chic pouffe".
    >>> ​If the kids keep chucking the cushions out and filling the box with tat, refer to it as "our unicorn styling nook"​.​
    >>> Turn it into a giant planter ​full of succulents.​ Sprinkle them with biodegradable glitter.

  • The youngest finally had her appointment at the allergy clinic. She was tested for nine things but only showed a reaction to egg. We are slowly reintroducing dairy. Keep your milky fingers crossed.
  • Whilst in the clinic waiting room, I successfully completed a game aimed at four year olds then had to quickly take it back to pieces before any of the staff noticed because a) I would have been mortified if they had praised me, and b) I would have been offended if they hadn't.
  • Everyone is still much happier since the eldest withdrew from nursery, but it's been bringing up all sorts of unpleasant questions for me. Whilst pondering what has been and would have been and will in the future be best for her, I've started thinking about all the ways in which my own school days failed me - the bright but extremely bored kid, stuck in a small town where nobody else seemed to like books. I've been wondering what could have been done differently to enable me to enjoy my education and/or to leave school properly prepared for study and a career. There's a bundle of regrets or resentments or disappointment of some kind wodged inside me, still, and lately I've been scaring myself with thoughts of how easily I could screw up my own kids. It's tricky, trying to keep thoughts of what would have suited me separate from thoughts of what will suit my kids, who are not tiny little carbon copies of me (I do not like strawberries; they do not like 6 Music).
  • After much procrastination, I've started up yoga again and I'm very much enjoying my ninety minutes a week of not having anybody ask me for a snack. 
  • Steve has today off work and has taken the kids out to the park so I can tackle my enormous to do list. Finishing this blog post was not on the list (though it soon will be). It's not just exercise I can avoid, you know; the dirty windows are not calling loudly enough.
  • And today is the first day of the sixth year of my photo a day project and it feels like new year to me - I'm very confused about why nobody is Instagramming about their resolutions or wishing each other well for the coming months. So let me take this chance to say: MAY YOUR NEXT TWELVE MONTHS BE AWESOME.

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