Extra: Ordinary Moments

Chicken Pox
Matilda has it. Or had it. She's much better now, despite the lingering spots. To be honest, I don't think it was a particularly bad dose - there was one difficult night but, otherwise, a combination of paracetamol, antihistamines and that special chicken pox gel stuff (plus a pile of DVDs - I'd forgotten how sad and scary Lilo & Stitch is) kept her relatively cheerful. Me, less so. I've found this week difficult. Our play dates were all cancelled (our friends are usually "expose them to germs" types but have good reasons to avoid chicken pox right now); the adults we usually turn to were scared to come near (honestly, you can't catch shingles from chicken pox, people); our fun plans for this weekend had to be ditched; and, generally, we've been stuck at home, just the kids and me, for ten hours a day. And there's been some unrelated but frustrating stuff going on in the background, too. For the first time since Matilda was tiny, I've felt quite alone, and I've found that hard to deal with.

Tomorrow is book group day. There will be wine and grown up conversation and, as an added bonus, I've enjoyed the book (Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine). And next week is the start of a new term, so the kids and I will be back into a more normal routine. And I've found a postnatal pilates class I can actually get to. This is all good.

We swapped the bedrooms around a couple of weeks ago, so Steve and I are in the smaller room and the kids are sharing the big one. So, yes, at four months old, Alice is out of our bedroom - this was not the plan. I actually drafted a whole blog post justifying this decision but deleted it - the gist is that the "suitable for 0-6 months" mattress for the bedside crib was too thin for our very tall child; she was getting sore, dry patches everywhere which pressed into it and we accepted that the only way to sort them out was to move her onto a bigger, more supportive mattress; as we were planning to put her onto a single bed sized floor bed rather than into a cot, that meant moving her out of our room. Anyway, this has proved to be a good move - everybody's sleeping better and we now know that both kids can sleep through incredibly loud middle of the night nonsense from their sibling! Now we just need to find the time to redecorate...

In Other Tales Of The Kids Growing Up
We just got the letter confirming Matilda's place at the school nursery, come August. This is a good thing - she's very ready and very excited about it; I'm happy to have that one-on-one time with Alice - but I'm still not entirely sure how she's old enough for this. Can it really be that three years ago today was my due date? Can it really be that SHE'S GOING TO TURN THREE NEXT WEEKEND?! Surely not.

And I'm Sure There Was Something Else I Was Going To Mention...
But, nope, it's gone. So, tell me: what's new with you?

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