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So, Matilda recovered from chicken pox. But then this happened:
  • WEDNESDAY: Alice had her third set of vaccinations (and cried). At the same appointment, she was prescribed a new cream for her persistent eczema.
  • THURSDAY: I applied the cream to Alice - within an hour, she was covered head to toe in what looked like heat rash.
  • FRIDAY: Alice was still covered in a rash. Matilda was complaining of tummy ache and pain when she peed. We got an emergency doctor's appointment (which involved dragging a poorly child and a spotty baby on an hour-long, on-foot, trip there and back). The doctor could find nothing wrong.
  • SATURDAY: Alice was covered in chicken pox spots. Babies under one almost never get chicken pox as they are still (supposed to be) protected by their mother's immunity. My immune system is shoddy at best, so I guess this shouldn't have come as a huge surprise, but STILL. This was Matilda's third birthday and we had plans for her friends to come round and party - that plan went out the window.
  • SUNDAY: Matilda threw up everywhere.
  • And Steve still has to go to work tomorrow. In what cruel world does he not automatically get time off to help me with our pox-ridden baby and our spewing preschooler? Somebody send... sugar? caffeine? a wide variety of ways to entertain small children? help?
But on the bright side: Matilda still managed to have a fantastic birthday. We relocated her party to a park near our house which is particularly good for preschoolers - we had the run of the place; the kids all played for two hours without major drama; I dished out cake; it was great. And, in the afternoon, Emma "popped by to drop off Matilda's present" but ended up staying for over an hour, playing with the kids, and then spending a rather long time driving me from closed chemist to closed chemist to closed chemist (seriously: why are so many chemists closed on a Saturday afternoon?!).

And in other good news: We've got Steve's parents' car for the next two months (as they're off on various adventures. Which is not good news as it means nobody's taking a child off my hands every Tuesday for the next eight weeks. But, still: car) so we can get to a few of the child-friendly places we don't usually manage.

And: I have tickets for a couple of things at May Festival and plans to spend at least one of the days taking Matilda all of the kids' events.

What's been going on with YOU this week?

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