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Some things I meant to blog about but didn't:

  • I'm now into my fifth year of my photo a day project. I love looking back on it so much and I intended to write a lot about that but: baby.
  • Spring officially begins on Tuesday (unless you're my one Australian reader - hi, Melanie) which I think is a much better time to make resolutions than the start of the year. I intended to write about that and maybe even make some resolutions of my own but: baby. 
  • I had a bit of a panic about schools because the one the kids will be zoned to has really poor results (not because of the teachers, I don't think, but because of the demographic of our area and of Aberdeen as a whole - it's a "got money, send 'em to private school" kind of a city). I'm so worried my kids will be the bright but bored ones who lose all motivation and never bother learning how to study and find university a shock to the system and muck about with dead end jobs instead of having careers and OH, WAIT, THIS HAS REALLY STRUCK A CHORD WITH ME, THE BRIGHT BUT BORED KID, EH? I intended to write about that but: baby.
  • Matilda started playgroup and this has been a really positive thing. Also: Matilda will be starting nursery after the summer and I think that will be a positive thing, too. I may return to this one, come August. I intended to at least mention it before now but: baby.
  • On that note: taking Alice to baby massage (she sleeps through it most weeks) and going to a postnatal class run by a women's physio (sex is great for your pelvic floor if you can ever find the energy) and my book group (going to a pub on Mother's Day was a good call - they gave free booze to any woman who looked a bit tired and was wearing stripes) and how I still can't find a pilates class which works for me (gaaaaaah, does nobody want me to be strong?). General outside-of-the-house stuff. I intended to mention all of those a while ago but: baby.
  • Also: Steve and I will have been together for nine years, later this month. I'd like to think I'll at least upload a photo and do a three line post about it, but it's pretty unlikely because: baby. 
  • Likewise, keeping you updated on the moving the kids into the big bedroom/adults into the little bedroom plan. I have good intentions but: baby.
Despite my complete baby-related inability to sit down and string a bunch of coherent sentences together, I'm really loving this time in our lives.

Alice is a joy. She's so smiley and laidback and full-body pleased to see people (second child: starved for attention). Oh, she's into the four month sleep regression now and she's cutting two teeth so getting her to bed in the evening can be a challenge but she's otherwise a brilliant baby.

Matilda is fantastic. We're at this great point (she turns three next month) at which she can act out scenarios and follow stories and play simple card games, and suddenly the weekends are lovely, relaxed, full-on hygge family time, all hanging out together, having minimum effort fun.

The baby days are so much easier this time around, partly because I know what I'm doing (I spend less time googling "is this normal?" because I already know that the answer will be "yes") and partly because I've got Matilda around to chat to. The days go faster when I'm not constantly counting down to a nap or to the baby waking up or to Steve getting home from work; there's always a book to be read or a game to be played (or some laundry to be crammed into the five minutes she spends watching Waffle the Sodding Wonder Dog).

And Steve and I have fallen into a routine which works for us - the children get to bed; the housework gets done; we have proper conversations. We've even managed a couple of Netflix binge evenings, fairly confident of being uninterrupted by kids.

So, yeah, not to jinx it or anything (did I mention FOUR MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION? And TEETH?), but life is pretty good right now.

How are things with you?

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