1 Month/12 Months/40 Years

One Month
It's the last day of December. Alice was born on the last day of November. She has been with us for a full month.

On the one hand, it feels like only a couple of days ago that she was born - and we definitely haven't had Steve at home with us for a month. On the other, it feels like she's always been around, dozing in the bassinet in the corner of the room or having cuddles on the sofa.

She's an easygoing baby so far and the newborn days seem so much simpler second time around - whether that's her personality or Steve and me being more relaxed or the lovely, calm start we had to her life, I'm not sure. I suspect all three play a part. Anyway: it's going well.

Matilda's taking to having a sibling well, too. Sure, we see moments of jealousy, but mostly we see her giving Alice her old baby toys, "reading" her books or running to fetch clean nappies. We expect the usual sibling bickering later on, but the sisters are off to a good start.

Twelve Months
It's the last day of 2017. I feel like I should be reflecting on the year which has just passed, summing up achievements or wallowing in self-hatred because of the things I could have done better.

2017 was a weird limbo year, though. I spent most of it pregnant, wondering whether the baby would stay put and whether she was well and then when she would be born; I did very, very little with my days, for fear of having to parent with pelvic girdle pain.

So: there's not much to say about the year that's just been. But it was quite lovely and quiet and I've (mostly) enjoyed spending twelve full months hanging around with my eldest.

40 Years
And 2018 is the year I turn forty. In December.

I thought about doing some sort of project. Not "40 Before 40" because who has time to skydive and visit Australia and train as an astronaut when they've got a small child and a baby to look after? But... something. Getting back into drawing or doing another photography project or taking my blog seriously or... something.

But, in reality, I don't want the pressure. I want to be able to savour this time when my children are little and still want to play with me (and don't find me intensely embarrassing). Matilda will start nursery in August and - as much as she's clearly ready - that's a big reminder of how fast they will grow. I want to be present for as much of their childhood as I can.

Here I am, wishing you all a happy new year, however big or little your plans, whatever the shape of your life. May 2018 be full of the things which make you happy.

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