The Last Saturday Of Life As We Know It

Clutching a Care Bear

I knew this would be our last Saturday as a family of three (if you don't count potentially spending next weekend on the induction ward - which I don't). Or it would be our first Saturday as a family of four. Either way, I decided I was going to document it.

I didn't factor in having such a sleepless night that I would go back to bed and nap through most of the morning, and I didn't factor in being so achy after quite a bit of walking around that I would go back to bed and nap through Matilda's dinnertime. So there aren't as many photos as I had planned. But, still, I'm glad there's a record of this - very ordinary - day.

Cup of tea
Reindeer socks

Matilda decided against going to her dance class in the morning (cue: excited texts from fellow parents, wanting to know if I was in labour), opting instead to head to the park with Steve. It was so cold she only lasted about half an hour, but she did bring home a tree branch ("metal detector") bigger than herself.

I pottered around on the internet a bit then read some of my current book (I'm not convinced it's worth recommending yet - it's very "Oxford grads say clever things about sex to each other in a large country house whilst drinking wine and wearing tatty clothes").

Then - partly because we were running low on assorted things and partly to get me out of the house in a low-effort way - we headed to a supermarket cafe for lunch. I had my first festive hot chocolate of the year and Steve had a "Christmas dinner" which took so long to cook they gave us another round of drinks for free.

Matilda feeding me a crisp
Black Forest hot chocolate

By the time we got home, I was pretty much done in, so I headed off to bed for a couple of hours while Steve and Matilda mucked about with play dough then did Matilda's dinnertime.

I hoisted myself back up in time for her bedtime which is such a happy, hysterical fiasco at the moment that it's impossible to sleep through it it seemed a shame to miss it.

And then it was time for the grown ups to have chilli, apple pie and settle down to watch Motherland.

Night light and toys

I'm planning to do these "day/weekend in the life of" photo posts once a month from January onwards. I'm thinking the second full weekend of each month. They're for my own pleasure - and to make sure I capture the incidental moments of the kids' lives regularly - but they're also a bit of a creative challenge. If anybody feels like joining me, you'd be more than welcome!

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