One Sunday In November

Cup of tea set against rainy window

Every so often, I like to have a day when I focus on photographing the little things. I like to catch what the weather was like, which tiny toys were strewn around the living room, what Matilda chose to wear, how it felt to be spending a day in our house at this particular point in time.

When it comes to making my photo book of the year, very few of these pictures are included. Some are, though. Some, I look at and think, "Yes, that was family life when Matilda was X months old," and I squeeze them into a corner of the book so I'll always remember the weeks when she was obsessed with THAT game or THAT toy or - right now, in November 2017 - THAT balloon from her friend's third birthday party.

I've tried to turn these days into a blog project in the past but, honestly, photo heavy posts get so little engagement that I tend to think, "What's the point?"

Perhaps there doesn't have to be a point. Perhaps I can just share little pieces of my life without needing a response or a bunch of people linking up, doing the same, and without having anything deep and meaningful to say.

Anyway, whether or not I start doing this regularly, I have decided to share our (very quiet) Sunday. Because, who knows? It might have been our last as a family of three. And that seems like something worth remembering.

Colourful balloon
Dark blue and purple hydrangea
Toddler hands holding suitcase
Black cat (Polly) sunbathing
Scone with jam

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