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I can't seem to work this post into anything but a daily diary of last week. So here you are:

The day after my due date. My mum arrived for a four day "just in case we need childcare" visit.

I had my 40 week midwife appointment and declined a sweep. One day overdue feels far too early, to me, to start meddling with a pregnancy's natural progress; I was feeling confident that my body was getting around to things in its own good, healthy time and I didn't want to hurry things along without a good medical reason. Not that I haven't eaten several pineapple curries over the past few weeks...

That said, I agreed to my induction being booked in. A date and time were put in the calendar for medical professionals to start poking and prodding at my womb. As previously mentioned, I was agreeing to an induction because I didn't want to be traipsing back and forth to the hospital for monitoring every other day; I also didn't feel confident refusing the monitoring, although, having had a couple of late scans now and having seen for myself that the baby is big and healthy, I'm swithering a bit on that stance...

Off to the maternity hospital for a scan, following on from the one I had on the morning I couldn't feel the baby moving. Last week, there was only one (4.5cm) measurable pool of water; on Tuesday, there were three and the deepest was 7cm. The umbilical cord was throbbing away efficiently. So: everything looked great.

Mum, Matilda and I headed into town for a few hours. It was so good to be able to get out and about with my child, knowing that there was another adult there to wrangle her when I felt too achy. Even more importantly: that there was somebody there to help if my waters broke somewhere I would rather they hadn't.

We had cake; we had a play; we had lunch; we went to see Pounce, the giant leopard created by the artist behind The Kelpies, which was quite spectacular (although Matilda had some concerns about how the cat was going to get down from its pole). When we got home, we pretty much just slumped on the sofa and zoned out.

Okay, so I learnt my lesson about wandering around town for a few hours at forty weeks pregnant...! This was the first day all pregnancy that I had to let my feet drip dry after my shower because, try as I might, I couldn't get my hands anywhere near them. I had had to get Steve to get up and help me turn over in bed several times through the night because I was in too much pain to do it by myself. I also woke up to find a whole new set of stretchmarks at the sides of my bump which looked like something was trying to claw its way out of me (which, I suppose, is not too far from the truth).

Mum and Matilda went off an adventure without me (because I couldn't get down the stairs); I pretty much just slumped on the sofa and zoned out. Mum headed off to catch her train in the early afternoon; Matilda and I pretty much just slumped on the sofa and zoned out.

Our neighbour, back from a two week holiday, popped round and offered to take Matilda out for a while. I pretty much... okay, you know where this is going by now...

And then I decided to do a separate post for the weekend.

How was this week for you?

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