Extra: Ordinary Moments

Ghost cupcake
One last moment of Halloweenyness (real word).

Family Time/Couple Time
My mum visited this week. The baby did not arrive. I half expected to go into labour the moment she boarded her train home. But didn't.

Anyway, Steve and I took her visit as a chance to go on a date night. Because who knows how long it will be until our next one? We went to Handmade Burger because I really wanted a milkshake and some deep fried halloumi, and all we talked about was baby names (no decision, as yet).

I also spent a couple of hours waddling around town, trying (not in the least bit successfully) to find stocking fillers for Steve and Matilda. When I sat down afterwards there was a crazy amount of movement in my belly and my bump suddenly plummeted. The sunburst belly button which had been riding on top of the bump for months has now disappeared from (my) view and I can only sit in two positions: almost fully reclined or leaning really far forward with my knees spread wide. It's a glamorous time, for sure.

Reindeer shadow

Peppa Pig
The obsession shows no sign of waning. I'm inclined to let her work through this on her own, rather than launching into a battle of imposed screen time limits. In the meantime, I'm taking the chance to catch up on housework without anybody "helping". I may even *gasp* have grabbed a little time to read a book. During the day. With a two year old in the room.

Oh, and on the bright side: it was an episode of Peppa Pig which inspired Matilda to paint a recognisable picture of a tree.

Toddler paintings

Stranger Things
Meanwhile, Steve and I have finally started Stranger Things. Yes, we're soooooooo far behind pop culture, yadda yadda. Seems like Twitter might be right about it being good, though, eh?

Autumn leaves in puddle

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