Rooftops Second Baby Full Term FAQs

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I'm thirty-seven weeks pregnant today which - in the UK - means that the baby is considered full term (incidentally, isn't it weird how different countries can have different dating systems and definitions for something as apparently universal as pregnancy?!).

Being full term means that the baby is theoretically ready to be born. I could be in labour by the time you read this blog post. On the other hand, I could have another five weeks to wait before greeting Baby Number Two. It's a significant date though, so, as with last time, here are my full term pregnancy FAQs.

When are you actually due?

19th November, but I'm trying not to focus on that date - I don't want to feel too disappointed or frustrated if the baby's "late". If I end up being induced, it will be on or around 1st December, so I'm trying to think of that as my end point instead.

How are you feeling physically?

Over all, really good. I've said it many times before, but this has been a really easy pregnancy (so far).

That said, the baby's head is partly engaged now so I'm finding lying down more and more uncomfortable, my tummy feels very stretched if I do any walking and... well... let's just say I considered taking my Chromebook into the bathroom with me and finishing off this blog post in there (but decided against - I've got to preserve what little dignity the third trimester has left me).

This week, several random strangers have pointed out to me that I've "reached the waddling stage". Thanks, random strangers, much appreciated. Let's just clarify that the ONLY approved adjective when referring to a heavily pregnant woman is "glowing". Nothing else.

How are you feeling about the birth?

Calm, optimistic and a little impatient. All the home birth equipment arrived this week (more on that another day) so I feel ready to GET THIS DONE. I might have done a little too good a job of convincing myself it's going to be quick, easy and almost entirely painless, though - I think I might be a bit shocked if it doesn't all go smoothly!

Are you getting a Baby Box? 

We're not. I sometimes feel like we're the only family in Scotland to have turned it down. So, here's the thing: I think the Baby Boxes are an amazing scheme; I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity of using that scheme; and, if it had been available when MM was born, I would have found the box invaluable. However, as a second time parent who has already sent vast amounts of baby and toddler things to the charity shop, still feels like our home is being swallowed up by babygrows, knows there will be yet more gifts on the way when the baby arrives, and who generally dislikes clutter, I just can't bring myself to ask for an enormous box of MORE STUFF. The thought of trying to find room for it all was stressing me out.

Have you chosen a name yet?

We think so... there is one which keeps being suggested and which has received MM's seal of approval. My one hesitation is that the relevant email address isn't available - modern day parenting problems, eh?

Still not telling us the sex?

Nope. There's still time to guess.

How do you feel about having two children?

Good. I'm dreading trying to look after a toddler whilst sleep deprived - exhaustion and patience don't tend to go hand in hand - and I do expect MM to be a bit up and down while she processes such a big change. But, over all, I expect her to be a great big sister; I'm looking forward to watching the kids grow up together; and I'm excited about getting to experience all of the newborn and little toddler firsts all over again.

Is MM excited?

Yes. She's disappointed that she and the baby won't be sharing a bedroom at first as she wants to be the one who gives middle of the night cuddles. She also wants to change the baby's nappies. Both of these things work for me, but I suspect the novelty will/would wear off pretty quickly.

I've been trying to talk to her about the home birth, in case she's around and awake to witness any of it, but she has absolutely no interest in that - she just responds by asking whether I'll be able to hop, run and pick her up again when I don't have a baby in my tummy.

What about the cats?

Gizmo's having a last ditch attempt at claiming the crib and Polly's in a strop because she's not allowed to sleep on my hips, so I'd say: not entirely on board.

And Steve?

Desperately trying to cram in as much internet time as he can before the baby takes over our evenings. Otherwise, he seems excited, with a lot less nerves than last time! So: not too different from me.

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