Extra: Ordinary Moments

Toddler peeling clementine

Careful What Your T-Shirt Says
Matilda has started pointing to words and asking what they say. Heavy metal fan, Steve, is having to select his hoodies and T-shirts carefully.

The Washing Machine
The new washer-dryer arrived on Tuesday, bang on Matilda's bedtime. Luckily, the delivery guy has small children of his own so took the overtired toddler in his stride - he showed her how to remove transit bolts, how to pop the replacement plugs into their holes and everything he was doing under the sink. She was thrilled.

And then she was so overstimulated she took an hour to fall asleep.

As for the new machine, it takes twice as long to do anything as the old one. But, on the other, it's that mythical beast which ACTUALLY DRIES THE CLOTHES instead of leaving us with a steaming pile of soggy laundry to strew around the dining room. The clothes horses have been stabled (for now).


Reining In The Spending
Having bought unplanned white goods this month, Steve and I are being extra-extra-extra careful with our money this month.

I say that, but somehow (Halloween) we've ended up owning a toddler-sized tiger costume (or "stripy lion", depending on who you ask) and several pairs of maternity pants (because it turns out, when I spent my last pregnancy scoffing that maternity pants were a massive con, I was wrong; maternity pants are for people with such low bumps that they can't put their knees together).

Black cat (Polly) sleeping

What's new with you this week?

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