Extra: Ordinary Moments

Matilda's toys

Dodgy Tummy Time
Most of this week has been spent dealing with the aftermath of Matilda's tummy bug. She had an unsettled stomach last weekend, but was wiped out for almost a full week afterwards; I had to keep reminding myself that, whenever Steve or I have had gastroenteritis, we've been signed off work for two whole weeks - of course she was going to take a while to recover. But, goodness, trying to look after a "not tired" toddler who can't do anything but watch Peppa Pig and find her life frustrating is a test of a person's patience - one I didn't always pass.

Snail on sunflower

The First Full Term Weekend
As I mentioned yesterday, this pregnancy is now full term. Steve and I both made a point of socialising on this, our last pretty-much-definitely-baby-free weekend. He had friends round for gaming and curry (which did not kickstart labour) on Friday night, and, on Saturday, I met up with my book group. We went to the cafe at Duthie Park where I had The Best enormous pink rhubarb and rosehip cake (which did not kickstart labour).


Little Tiger
And, on Sunday, the families we befriended during my last pregnancy came round. We purposely didn't have a full on Halloween party this year - the thought of filling the house with more than a few small children was too much for me at this late stage of pregnancy - but, of course, given the timing, we did take the opportunity to dress the kids up in costumes. At one point, we had a skeleton, a pirate and a tiger sprawled on Steve's and my bed, all reading books to each other, while their parents looked on with geeky pride.

Honeycomb bat Halloween decoration

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