Extra: Ordinary Moments

Dark skies

This was Aberdeen's Storm Ophelia experience: dark skies at 14:45; streetlights on; no sun, red or otherwise. Eerie.

Anyway, enough about the weather. Here's what's new with us:

Novelty Cakes
I'm living on Fiendish Fancies because colouring a basic cake in bright orange is all you need to do to catch my attention and earn my shiny new pound coin. They give me the worst heartburn. They're worth it.

Birth Prep
My midwife came and did our home check (more on that another day) and, in theory, we're good to go with the home birth. I still had to pack a hospital bag, though, just in case. It's useful, I suppose - at least everything I'll need on the day is gathered in one place; it will be easy to find things, regardless of whether the baby pops out here or at the hospital. But it's also a massive pain because I currently have three pairs of leggings which (just about) fit me plus one pair of trousers which everybody mistakes for pyjamas - I really can't afford to have any of them languishing in a suitcase at the end of the bed; I'm doing too much laundry as it is.

BirthDAY Prep
Steve's present has arrived. His birthday's early December. Guaranteed one day delivery was not enough reassurance for me - what if I'm in labour for, y'know, every single day between now and his birthday and don't have another chance to order his gift?! I stand by that logic. But I don't know where to hide this massive box.

Peppa Pig
Matilda has discovered that Peppa is not just a character in a library book. She has watched every single episode on Netflix this week. That's about ten hours of programming. That's a lot of pregnant parent guilt right there. On the other hand: good grief, I've managed to get a lot done around the house.

And Speaking Of TV
Why did nobody tell me there was a fourth season of Episodes on Netflix?! We're binge watching it.

Latest Unexpected Bill
Because there's always one, isn't there? My blog domain came up for renewal. Ooft. Perhaps I should think about monetising after all.

Knitted things

Something I Do Not Recommend
Being heavily pregnant while your toddler has a tummy bug.

Something I Do Recommend
Two massive parcels of gifts for your toddler turning up mid-tummy bug. A zebra costume from my mum and LOADS of knitted goodies from Elise went some way to cheering us both up.

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