Extra: Ordinary Moments


First Up:
Thank you so much to everyone who commented, emailed, tweeted, DMed and texted after my post about the second pregnancy blues. I'm honestly okay. I feel very calm about the birth - statistically, it's likely to go the way we want; physically, my body's showing every sign of cooperating (yep, still getting the Braxton Hicks) - and I felt more in control just for having put my thoughts down on... eh... screen. But I think it's important not to pretend that we all coast through pregnancy, glowing and beaming; I'm not sure I know anyone who's made it through the full nine months without moments of doubt or fear or overwhelm, and that was one of mine.

Kaffir Lilies

Something Which IS Stressing Me Out
Our washing machine conked out. Or, well, we can still run a load through it - if we're feeling brave and/or desperate - but it sounds like it's churning gravel rather than towels, and the digital display is showing absolute nonsense. Oh, and there's a vague scent of burning rubber.

It's beyond economical repair. Which is a shame because the new washing machine we've ordered is beyond our economical comfort level. Between this, the Harmony test, emergency vet bills, nuking that wasp nest, getting the bathroom window to close and whatever the other thing was that I can't remember off the top of my head, I don't think we've gone a month without a huge, unplanned expense all year. I could really do with getting through the rest of the year without any more crises, though, as I expect all of my coping abilities are going to be focused on surviving the sleep deprivation.

On The Bright Side
Non-alcoholic mulled punch. Thanks to Steve for knowing exactly what my Friday night was in need of.

Sparkly boots

Where I Am With This Pregnancy
I'm thirty-three weeks pregnant now; every time the week count goes up by one, I calculate how much time is left (four to nine weeks, currently) and it sounds like forever. And then, before I know it, that week is gone and I'm seven days closer to meeting my baby.

Some of the individual days are going slowly. I'm heavy and a bit achy and a bit tired and I feel bad about all the times I can't get down on the floor to play with Matilda or can't take her to the park (we still go for walks but nowhere which involves me lifting her into swings!) and so there are long, slow days during which we watch too much TV and try to reach compromises about how and what we play.

But the weeks? They're disappearing.


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