DIY Toddler Felt Board

Parents: we're all looking for really quick, really easy, really effective ways of entertaining our small children which aren't simply sticking on CBeebies.

I've got one for you today.

"DIY Felt Board" image

Recently, I mentioned having made a felt board for Matilda and there was some interest in me writing a how-to post.

So here it is.

This really is the simplest thing you can make for your toddler (or baby - I originally made this when Matilda was about eight months old along with a felt Christmas tree; as she's grown older, I've added more complex shapes to it).

What You Need:

  1. A fairly large piece of cardboard
  2. Some parcel tape (or glue which sticks to both felt and card)
  3. Lots and lots of different coloured felt, including one piece which is larger than your piece of cardboard

Parcel tape

To Make:

  1. Fold a large rectangle of felt around your piece of cardboard; parcel tape it in place.
  2. Cut out lots and lots of different felt shapes (ditch your perfectionist tendencies and do them freehand - your kid won't care).
  3. Give the whole lot to your child and leave them to enjoy it.
That's it. Ten minutes, tops. Simple, right?

Felt board

Felt sticks to itself, so your kid can make whatever picture they like without getting frustrated about things slipping out of place. It also makes it easy to tidy up when they're done - there's no need for a bag or box to keep all the pieces together!

Matilda loves her felt board and, over the past almost-two-years, I've loved watching her going from piling all the pieces up just because she could to selecting a handful of shapes and making (sort of) recognisable pictures out of them.


With Halloween coming up, be sure to cut out an orange pumpkin and lots of black shapes with which to "carve" it. Or how about a tree with lots of stars and baubles for Christmas?

Let me know if you give this a go!

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