Colourful Toddler Bedroom Tour

I've mentioned before that - when the new baby is old enough - the kids will be moving into the bigger bedroom, together. I'm quite excited about creating a special space for them, but I'm also a little sad to be moving Matilda out of her current room.

I say that, despite my (overly) intense dislike of the pale yellow walls. In hindsight, it was a cop out choice; it's the magnolia of nursery colour schemes. But we're not repainting now.

And there's a lot that I love about this room.

We consciously chose bright colours for the nursery - regardless of the baby's sex, we knew we wanted them to be surrounded by all the colours of the rainbow, to experience how vibrant the world can be. The kids can narrow their tastes however they like, when they're older, but, for a baby/toddler/preschooler, our focus was on energy and FUN.

We also opted to support as many independent designers as we could afford to - Steve received a £100 tax rebate, just as Matilda was becoming mobile, and it all went on buying things for her room from Etsy.

So, today, partly for my own nostalgia reasons and partly to draw attention to those sellers, I'm giving you a tiny little tour of our toddler daughter's bedroom.

Overview of Matilda's room

Alphabet decals: Stickers4Walls (Etsy)
Table: I think it's originally from Ikea; my mum picked it up for 50p from a cafe which was refurbishing.
Green chair: Ikea (via my mum - it's been heavily used by Matilda's older cousins!); we spray painted it green using Plastikote "Jade" paint.
Baby-safe mirror and hook: MetalLovePl (Etsy)
Unicorn dishtowel (framed): Vintage.

Flowery shelf with In The Night Garden characters on it

Shelf: Hema. As soon as Matilda saw it, she dubbed it "The Night Garden"; these MegaBlox figures have lived there ever since.
Cat light: Vertbaudet

Cloud mirror and toy storage

Wooden boxes (containing books): Vertbaudet. I've just realised there are no photos showing Matilda's full bookcase - we've got the boardbooks in a bookcase and the bigger storybooks in these boxes.
Toy bin: If you search for "horse toy basket" on Amazon you'll find various shops selling this.

Calendar and shelving

Floral hooks: Vintage (Matilda loves popping the flowers on and off but I think we'll have to hide them before the baby's mobile!).
Calendar: WiLaNo (Etsy). We weren't sure if - at twenty months - Matilda would appreciate a calendar, but it helped her to very quickly get her head around the concept of "yesterday, today, tomorrow" and it's been useful being able to point to November and say "the baby will be arriving in the pink bit". We've already bought the same design for 2018. Incidentally, the stars are not a reward chart (which everybody assumes!) - they're how we mark which days have already happened (plus some extra ones Matilda has scattered around).

Overview of room (other angle)

Flowerpots: Generic garden centre pots, drawn on with ChalkOla markers. I think all kids' rooms should have at least one plant in them!
Height chart: DURIDO (Etsy)
Rocking horse: Vintage (from Steve's childhood).
Amsterdam house decals: CGhome (Etsy)
Light shade: HummingbirdHome2012 (Etsy)

Photos of Matilda with parents

Photos: We took these in our living room.

Plants and pictures

This House Is Filled With Love print (it's actually a greeting card): Freya Art & Design (Etsy)

Poster advertising flower festival

Heart garland: Homemade.
Blumenfest poster: Different Posters (Etsy)
Floral hook: Hema (it usually has a bouncy cat hanging from it, but the cat is in the toy hospital at the moment, awaiting surgery).

Shelving with storage boxes

Animal mobile: Present from friends; I'm not sure where they got it!
House shelves: Cheap crap from Amazon. There are better quality ones available all over the place these days! I do believe that all books and toys in a child's room should be within the child's reach, so we have only ever kept battery-powered nightlights and plants on these shelves.
Storage boxes: H&M
Storage baskets: Poundstretcher
Bus print: Blancucha (Etsy)
Girl with kite print: Belle and Boo

If there are any details I haven't listed which you want to know more about, give me a shout!

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