Extra: Ordinary Moments


This has been another week of a poorly, wobbly toddler. Luckily, my mum was visiting Tuesday to Thursday so I could drink cups of tea whilst watching somebody whose nerves weren't completely frayed playing with my child.

Matilda and I did make it into town to meet Mum's train which - given that Matilda is now on foot 100% of the time - I wasn't too sure about attempting. We even managed to get her feet measured and pick up some winter shoes while we were at it. Then she admitted - for, I think, the second time in her life to date - that she was quite tired, and then Mum and I spent the whole bus journey back home frantically waving pictures of monsters at her, in an attempt to keep her awake.

Steve and I attended the NHS "Relaxation" antenatal class. We both found it really helpful last time around. This time around, we were using it as a refresher so the information had a bit less impact on us, but the hour or so of lying around, listening to soothing music, was as pleasant as ever. I'd fully recommend the class to anyone who's expecting a baby. I mention this as a segue into:

The Craftsman Company

We stopped by The Craftsman Company (on Guild Street) for lunch on the way home. I had rocket and ricotta soup which was... oh...! so good.

Later, my mum and I had dinner at The Wild Boar. The Wild Boar was a staple of my student and video-shop-slacker days, and friends and I - shortly before significant birthdays - like to reminisce about the amazing cakes, dreadful art and the enormous green cushions downstairs which we all used as makeshift beds when we were too tired/wasted/short of time before our next shift at work to go home. These days, it's been refitted in muted colours, Highland splendour fabrics and there's nobody trying to prove to their new partner how sexy they are in a dark corner. In fact, I think, at 38, I may have been the youngest person there. I'm not sure I'm at ease with pubs growing up alongside me, though. Will it be pushing out Wild Piglet pubs soon, too?

Patronising Phone
And this was all the same day I went to see MAMMA MIA! For the first time in months, my phone's pedometer gave me a gold star and whooped a bit about how many steps I had taken. I felt the usual mix of intense irritation and uneasy pride. And, the next day, I struggled to tip myself out of bed.

Red leaves

Apple Pie
One of our neighbours gave us a big bag of cooking apples recently (have I ever mentioned how much I love our neighbourhood?!), which Steve transformed into an apple, pear and cinnamon pie. Nothing glib to say about this one - he was proud; I was impressed; consider the occasion recorded.

Too Soon...?
In response to my autumn post, Emma took me to a pumpkin patch on Sunday. Not that we could actually pick any pumpkins yet, but there were lots and lots of them heaped up around the place, and a cafe where we ate an awful lot of food and drank a bottle of non-alcoholic wine.


Tomorrow marks seven years of this blog (THIS blog; I was wittering into the internet for a long time before I headed over here). I feel like I should have something to say about this - how it's grown and developed alongside me; why I keep writing despite it earning me no money; what my goals are for the next seven years etc. What sort of blogger isn't prepared to sit up past her bedtime drafting a bloggiversary message? (A: a pregnant one with a toddler to parent in the morning) But, instead, I'm just going to say how grateful I am for all the real, actual, proper, I've-had-cake-with-this-person friends that blogging has brought into my life.

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