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Spider plant

I gave in and bought a maternity coat last week. Shout out to my size 14 Joules raincoat which has had its limits thoroughly tested over the last few months (it has been wonderfully supportive of the bump), but whose breaking point has now been reached.

And so: a maternity coat it is. And, oh, but the options were dire! Drab colours, drab shapes (or very, very pretty shapes which are completely impractical when you're parenting an energetic toddler), with every bit of emphasis dumped firmly on functionality. It pained me so much to spend so much on something which looks like an overly-zippered navy sleeping bag. But: needs must. There has been no revelatory conversion - this is not The Dungarees all over again. I'm mentioning it because, after years of gently mocking Steve for his ugly-but-impenetrable winter jacket, I really wanted to whinge about being clad in one myself.

In happier maternity clothing news: I also bought pyjamas.

Grown Up Home Owner Stuff
We got someone round to fix our bathroom window. For several months now, it's been jammed in the tilted open position; it has never done the turn part of "tilt and turn". We've lived with that because the weather's been tolerable and, y'know: it's the bathroom; it needs to be aired. But, with soggy season on the way, it was time to be responsible and get it sorted. I'm starting to worry that our home might never not smell of WD40 again, though...

Cup of tea in enamel camping mug

In Pregnancy News
The Braxton-Hicks have started. Thinking about it, they've been going on for a while now, but I've been putting them down to the baby's movements (they feel like the baby has suddenly curled up into a tight ball just behind my belly button); it was only this week that I stopped and paid enough attention to realise that they bear absolutely no relation to the baby's actual position and that they only last a minute or so.

Having been through this once before, I know that this is no indication of when the baby will arrive but I've got to admit: I'm rooting for 37 weeks rather than 42. It's harder to feel calm about the tiredness and discomfort when there's a toddler hanging around, asking you to play on the floor.

And In The Garden
We've got masses of butterflies on our buddleia. Which I can't seem to photograph at all. But believe me: they're there. Red Admirals, or so the internet tells me.

We've also got a sunflower with three heads on one stem - and that can't be normal, can it? Or have I just been conditioned by the perfect blooms they sell in shops?

Oh, and Steve and Matilda harvested their first five tiny carrots and a beetroot the size of a thumbnail. They are very pleased.

What's new with you this week?

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