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Toast Scraps
"Asleep with my toys"

This has been one of those weeks when we haven't gone anywhere we couldn't see from the living room window - thank goodness for local friends! There has been snot and the sort of irrational tears which get turned into mean spirited internet memes (and I don't necessarily just mean from the toddler...). Still, we've managed to have a lot of fun at home. Beds have been thoroughly jumped on.

Baby Bump

Body Image
I've only just realised how pregnant I look. My boobs and belly are so in proportion this time around that, when I look down, I really don't look that big. And then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and... wow! I've somehow avoided picking up any of those "I must consider myself fat at all times" messages that so much of womankind is given along with our first pink sparkly plastic pony, so I don't have any kind of hang ups about being so large, but I do think my head looks comically tiny.

I'm trying to read Happy by Derren Brown just now. It's very interesting - it's an expose of how the self-help industry is conning people out of money, combined with advice on how to actually improve your life. But it requires that the reader's brain is switched on. And I'm finding this a struggle.

Black cat in sunlight

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