Rooftops Second Baby FAQs - 27 Weeks Pregnant

Rooftops Second Baby: Start of Third Trimester FAQs
I was going to get Steve to take a lovely, posed bump photo of me but it turns out thunderstorms are not that great for lighting. So here's an arguably more accurate shot: me, clutching a hot water bottle and the random toy (yes, it's Santa) my two year old gave me to help me nap, whilst yawning my head off. Flattering, no?

So, here I am: 27 weeks pregnant - the start of the third trimester.

It still feels ridiculous that I could have another fifteen weeks - FIFTEEN WEEKS! - to wait until meeting this baby but, at the same time, the end is in sight (I must just remember to buy some nappies...).

Last time around, I did my second set of FAQs at thirty weeks because I liked the nice round number. Or something. But this time the start of the third trimester feels like a better choice. So here goes:

How are you feeling now?

Definitely pregnant. There are nights of insomnia. There's occasional heartburn (which I'm pretty sure is because I need to get these enormous boobs remeasured but... ugh... I just can't face blowing another £100 on maternity bras). I've got low blood pressure which makes functioning on hot days a bit of a challenge (but is, at least, better than high blood pressure). There's... um... a slowing down of my bodily functions. But, most pressingly, there are aches in my pelvis if I: walk too much; sit too long; or play on the floor with my toddler for more than about twenty minutes. You can imagine how that's going down with the toddler, right?

Can you feel the baby kicking?

Yes, though not in any sort of predictable pattern. I can see my bump jumping about, though, which is pretty entertaining.

Have you got everything you need?

Other than those nappies I mentioned and some sanitary towels, yes, I think so.

Have you written your birth plan?

No, not in full. Throughout the second trimester, it felt completely irrelevant - I mean, I was aware that I was growing a baby and that, at some point, I would need to go through some sort of birth, but it felt a long way away and not entirely real. In the last week or so, it's suddenly come into focus again - I know more or less what my ideal plan is (I'll tell you more about it nearer the time) and I know I'm okay with veering off that ideal plan in order to have a healthy baby, but I haven't actually talked about it with my midwife yet. I have confirmed that a friend of ours will be available for overnight babysitting throughout the "delivery window", though, which was my biggest concern.

Have you chosen a name yet?

No. We do have a shortlist, but we haven't made a definite decision. Most of the thinking has been outsourced to my book group, who have been coming up with... uh... some interesting suggestions... along with some really lovely options.

How is Steve?

All good.

And MM?

She asks most days if "my baby" will be arriving soon and expresses frustration when I tell her "no". She sometimes hugs the bump - although never when I've got my camera to hand, gaaaaaaaaah! And she asks me to draw a lot of pictures of the four of us (see below). But, mostly, it's old news to her now; life carries on as usual.

Rooftops Family Portrait

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