REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen (Exterior)

One thing Steve and I wanted to do before Baby Number Two arrives is have a few grown up dates.

We have several friends who regularly offer to babysit, but we don't take them up on this enough - it feels a bit cheeky to ask them to look after our kid while we go out just for the hell of it. Specific events are fine but popping out for a cosy dinner while they try to wrangle a toddler into her pyjamas? I don't know... it feels a bit odd.

However, we realise that it's going to become a lot more difficult to have date nights once the baby arrives. Asking people to wrangle a toddler into her pyjamas AND deal with a (possibly sleep-free) baby, both at the same time? Ooft! It's a big ask. We need to make the most of our potential babysitters NOW!

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Ginger Blast smoothie

So, when Giraffe World Kitchen invited us over to check out their new look, we knew just what we had to do: ask a friend for a favour.

And, of course, the favour was granted willingly.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Wall mural

If you've been reading my blog for a while, it won't come as news that Steve and I are fans of Giraffe. Brunches and lunches there have been one of our go-to treats for years, so we knew we were in for a good atmosphere and a lot of tasty food.

While Steve likes to try something new every time we visit, I'm a creature of habit. This time, I decided to venture outside my Spicy Rice Bowl comfort zone (although, between you and me, I stuck to my standard Ginger Blast smoothie - they're too good not to. At least when you're off the booze) - I only ordered things I hadn't had before.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Nachos
REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Eating massive nachos starter

The Starters
I had nachos as a starter (above). I mean, obviously, I've had nachos before, but I hadn't had Giraffe's nachos before. I wasn't prepared for what an enormous portion I received! It was the size of a main course. Not that any of it went to waste - thanks very much, trusty third trimester appetite.

Meanwhile, Steve had Steamed Duck Gua Bao Buns (below), which looked like such cute, fluffy little things but were so hot and spicy he began pinching my gaucamole. To be clear: in Steve's world, eye-wateringly hot food is considered a good thing.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Gua balls
REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Halloumi and feta pide

The Mains
Okay, if I see the words "halloumi" and "feta" next to each other on a menu, my decision is made. So, I had a halloumi and feta Turkish Pide (above), which is a bit like a pizza but on lovely soft bread. It was GORGEOUS. I'd like another right now, please, and I've just had my lunch.

Steve had a Vietnamese Steamboat, which is... uh... fish with stuff on it (below)? As a non-fish-eater, I take his word for it that it tasted lovely. It looked very pretty, anyway!

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Fish dish

After all that food, we told our waitress not to hurry the dessert too much, which gave us a chance to look around the refurbished restaurant a bit.

Gone are those little booths at the back and, in their place, there's a great new group dining area. This is such a good idea - it always feels a little awkward cramming a big group around a bunch of small tables; there aren't many places which have a specific space set aside for larger gatherings. It's great to see Giraffe World Kitchen stepping up here.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Group dining area

The rest of the restaurant is that familiar mix of quirky murals, curated mementoes and low lit tables (low lighting is GREAT for encouraging intimate conversation but, sheesh, it makes taking photographs tricky! Apologies for all the camera shadows in these pictures!).

Anyway, back to the food:

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Ice Cream

The Desserts
With not much space left for food in my tummy (thanks, huge portions; thanks, baby), I decided to stick to ice cream. There's always room for ice cream, right? I had scoops of dulce de leche, speculoos and chocolate ice cream (above) which was perhaps not the most vibrantly photogenic of colour schemes (WHEN WILL I LEARN?!) but tasted delicious.

Steve opted for a Whoopie Cookie, which was speculoos ice cream and chunks of pretzel and popcorn sandwiched between two warm chocolate cookies. I managed to find the room for a sample spoonful and loved it.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Whoopie Pie

We ended up spending a whopping two and a half hours over our meal at Giraffe World Kitchen (then rushing home on the bus, clutching apologetic doughnuts). The time flew past, chatting about baby names, cute toddler shenanigans, work/money/grown up stuff and cats, whilst enjoying delicious food.

I can't actually remember the last time the two of us spent such a big chunk of time sitting down together, simply eating and catching up on one other's lives. It was much needed, and much easier to do for being out at a restaurant, rather than distracted by phones on the sofa at home.

We really need to find the time for a couple more meals out before the baby arrives. And there's a very good chance we'll be having those meals at Giraffe.

REVIEW: Giraffe World Kitchen, Aberdeen - Nice cup of tea

Thanks very much to Giraffe World Kitchen for the invitation and the meal!

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