Choosing the Best Feathers For Our Nest

When the pregnancy nesting instinct kicks in

It pleases me greatly that Matilda's current favourite words are comfy, cosy and snug.

She likes to tuck people up under blankets, share round her snacks and switch on the cat-shaped lamp in the corner of her bedroom. I don't know if we've all stopped talking about hygge because it's (sort of) summertime or if it's last year's cool foreign concept, but I feel like I'm raising a kid who embodies the hygge mindset.

Though it's no wonder that so much of her conversation is about home comforts at the moment; she has a mother who is full on nesting.

Steve and I had a great long to do list for his two weeks off work which - thanks to all the poorly car shenanigans - has now become a great long before the baby is born to do list instead. There are obvious newborn-related tasks on there like washing the muslins and chipping the car seat free from the layers of dust, dead bugs, suitcases and sedimentary rock in the attic. There's general household maintenance like replacing the dripping tap in the kitchen (we bought the replacement six months ago) and re-potting all our droopy peace lilies. There are a handful of tasks meant to make the place prettier - choosing which pictures to frame and buying a mirror for the hall. And there's "dump run" and "charity shop drop off" - when is there not?!

I did not include the big, prohibitively expensive dream projects like replacing the ugly, filthy carpet on the stairs or the misted attic windows or just generally the bathroom, but they're all still there in my head.

And I didn't include our grand(ish) schemes for the garden because they're not happening until the bump has gone and the baby has grown a bit bigger. Though there's every chance the lawn will get mown again this summer. We might even trim the straggly edges.

And we did manage to get the hall painted (covering up post-rewiring plaster patches and miscellaneous scuff marks), thanks to our decorator neighbour giving us some very generous mates' rates. Usually we make do with our own wonky paint jobs but I'm not supposed to climb ladders or inhale paint fumes at the moment and Steve... well... let's just say there's a lot of humphing and sighing when he's cutting in around a ceiling. It was money well spent.

But I'm getting impatient for one other big project: swapping the bedrooms around. When I talked about painting Steve's and my bedroom forest green, I wasn't talking about our current room; I knew I was pregnant at that point and I knew that we would be swapping bedrooms with the kids (they need more space; we do not) - it was our new, smaller bedroom I was daydreaming about.

I'm planning ahead for the kids' new room, too. I keep asking Matilda what colour she would like it to be ("purple or green or yellow or purple or yellow"). I've measured walls and furniture and I've figured out how it's all going to fit.

I'm trying to come up with an excuse to visit B&Q just so we can pick up paint charts; I could lose whole evenings to browsing through assorted shades of blue.

But we won't be swapping rooms around for a long time yet; the new baby will be in with us for the first wee while and we would struggle to fit all three of us into the small room. That, and we think it might be easier for Matilda if the siblings both make the move together.

So, in the meantime, I'm spending a lot of time on Pinterest, flicking through home decor books and typing "kids room" into Etsy.

That, and teaching my toddler such important words as "cushion".

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