I Bought Maternity Dungarees

I Bought Maternity Dungarees

I bought maternity dungarees.

I wasn't going to. I don't care that they're trendy (or were trendy? Perhaps that was last year? I can tell you what's big in toddler fashion these days - outer space; Peppa Pig; the usual - but I don't keep track of the grown up stuff); I just had an aversion to them. Dungarees? A bit too I-spent-my-teens-living-near-farms. A bit too Rachel from Friends. A bit too... I don't know... copious?

But standard trousers just aren't working for me any more.

One pair of my trusty super-comfy jeans from last time around feels like cheese wire being pulled across my bladder; the other keeps falling down; and my smart-ish black trousers seem to be laddering all down the seams.

I have some girlfriend jeans I would happily live in, but only if the weather could be relied upon to be warm all through November. In Aberdeen. The same goes for leggings. And I'm told (by my toddler) that it's "inappropriate" (where did she learn that word?!) to wear pyjamas to the park.

So: dungarees it is.

I'm not 100% sold on the look of them. I suspect I chose the wrong pair. It seems like a mistake that they're quite neat around my ankles.

And Steve raised one eyebrow at them. But, as he owns - and still wears - T-shirts so old they're held together by nothing but a stubborn belief that the weak tea joke* on the front is funny enough to need preserving, he's in no position to comment.

But Matilda loves them. "Mummy!" she gasped, when I first tried them on. "Your trousers! They're all up your tummy!" Then she ran to her wardrobe and selected a denim pinafore dress for herself which she had always previously turned her nose up at - it was the closest thing she could find to indigo dungarees and I'm fully encouraging this wonderful [taking photos with which to embarrass her in the future] stage when she thinks that twinning with her mother is A Good Thing.

So: back to the dungarees.

They're very comfortable; I've figured out how to go to the toilet without dangling anything into the bowl (thanks very much, CBeebies, for showing THAT episode of Bing the same day the dungarees arrived); and I haven't yet noticed anybody pointing at me and laughing. Or a trail of pigs following me around. Although there was that one day when Matilda insisted on dressing as a sheep...

On the downside, Matilda keeps asking me to wear a straw sunhat with them (nooooooooooo!) and the thought of having to take my winter-staples cardigan off every time I go to the toilet (spot the theme?) is already tiring me out.

But, whatever - my real priority at the moment is not style; it's stretchy waists and clothing which doesn't make me need to pee. And if it's dark enough to hide most of the toddler-sized foodie hand prints, so much the better.

The dungarees can stay.

*none of the tea jokes are as good as that one

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