Extra: Ordinary Moments

Black cat (Polly) asleep on a grumpy owl cushion

Matilda seemed utterly wiped out this week. And no wonder: she has shot up by over an inch in the last ten days (hello, weekend of hastily washing 3-4 year clothes!) and the first corner of her final tooth popped through. Also: she's now officially too big for her buggy *gulp*.

Meanwhile, the baby seems to have spent most of the week wedged head down - I've been needing to pee roughly ten times an hour and my pelvis has been so sore I've been happy to stay close to home. I was a bit worried that this was it for the rest of the pregnancy - that now was the time my hips were going to give - but, luckily, the baby seems to have shifted back up a bit so my only current issue is how to put on my socks.

Butterfly suncatcher

My mum visited at the start of the week which meant, on the one hand, a lot more toys strewn across the flat but, on the other hand, that I didn't have to get down on the floor and make the mess myself. Hurrah!

Matilda sailed through her 27 (er... 28) month review. Which was no surprise but, still, nice to know.

Hand holding washi tape

No More Boys and Girls
Did anybody else watch it? So frustrating that these things aren't standard already; so inspiring to see how well they worked. Steve has been becoming gradually more aware of gender stereotyping since Matilda came along, and was horrified by what he saw on the show; none of it was new to me (who sat muttering observations of my own) but it did fill me with still more My Kids In The Big Wide World dread.

Of course, this was the week that Matilda inherited her first Disney princess dress, but I'm not about to tell her that everything "girlie" is wrong (as she would say: "It's ooviously not") (and, besides, it's apparently too scratchy to wear).

Lazy Saturday Morning

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