Extra: Ordinary Moments

Paint Chips

A friend offered to drive me to B&Q this weekend to pick up colour charts (and nothing else; I didn't even manage to impulse buy a plant although I did try very hard to fall in love with one). She ended up also driving me to one of those furniture-cum-gift-shop-cum-cafe places (think: garden centre without all the fertiliser) and to TK Maxx (where I did manage to impulse buy one small bowl and some biscuits shaped like houses).

I'm having to remind myself - all the time - that the kids won't be moving into their shared bedroom for a long, long, long time yet and that there will be lots and lots of sales before then and that I therefore DO NOT need to buy all the pretty, decorative, overpriced items which Facebook insists on advertising to me. It seems that all my nesting instincts are focused on creating the perfect room for my kids at the moment and nesting instincts do not like to wait.

Steve and Matilda made cake with some speckled brown bananas. It also involved sultanas; we have a huge bag of sultanas in our kitchen, which is my token "I'll try to buy less non-recyclable bags of toddler snacks" effort. The cake was delicious. Even Matilda - who, given the choice, would live on nothing but yoghurt, raspberries and cheese - agreed.

We have wasps. Not intentionally. They're uninvited wasps, chewing up anything wooden they can find in the garden and vanishing into an invisible hole under the eaves. I spent a couple of hours in the middle of the night trying to convince myself that they might be bees (lovely old bees, pollinating the garden), but then we opened the dining room window and a bunch of wasps (horrible old wasps, eating the caterpillars) flew in, so... yeah... I'll be calling the exterminator at some point this week. In the mean time, the dining room can overheat.

Steve went out three evenings this week. This is inadvisable behaviour when you have a toddler. He got very little sympathy from me when he was struggling to stay awake on Sunday morning; Matilda, however, piled "sleepy Daddy" with cuddly toys and blankets. THIS IS NOT THE TREATMENT *I* RECEIVE WHEN *I* WANT TO HAVE A NAP.

And In Pregnancy News...
Steve felt the baby move! He looked as blown away by this as he did the last time around. And I was just as excited to share.

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