On (Achievable?) Blogging Goals

On Setting Achievable Blogging Goals
Such a blogger's kid, hanging out with her succulent.

Recently, I've been feeling very inspired to blog. Not just to blog but to come up with a proper blogging schedule, like the people who get paid for this stuff have, and a real actual niche, like the people who end up with book deals.

The same thing happened last time I was pregnant. I think it's some sort of online nesting.

Anyway, I went so far as to draft a bit of a blog calendar. Pregnancy/baby posts one day, toddler posts another, and an enticingly vague "Simple/Seasonal" category on a third. I brainstormed ideas for posts and, actually, had enough to see me through until the arrival of Baby Number Two.

But... yeah... I couldn't bring myself to blog about my household cleaning schedule. Even though it's really simple and really effective. Because nobody who's ever actually been in my house would have gushed about how sparkly the toilet was and I didn't feel comfortable pretending that they might.

(Okay, since you're wondering: have a weekly schedule of what gets cleaned/washed on which days; do it in five minute bursts)

I also know exactly how likely I am to stick to a three-posts-a-week blogging schedule once the baby's here and I'm trying to juggle newborn feeding with toddler entertainment: not in the slightest. It wouldn't have happened. Why set myself up for that failure?

Still, I do want to blog more regularly.

And I do like having lots of draft posts sitting waiting.

And I do quite like having things I post on a weekly basis, even though those are always the things which get the lowest views and abysmal reader engagement ("reader engagement" - ha, it's not out of my system yet, then, is it?!).


It's back to weekly summary posts I go. At least until I lose interest.

And I've done a bit of brainstorming about... well... not my "niche" exactly; I'll never be a parenting guru or a sustainability goddess. But I suspect I will always be somebody who strives to parent gently, embrace the seasons and minimise my impact on the Earth - all whilst wearing primary coloured clothes and letting my kid watch the telly. All the things I already write about but without a catchy summary.

Still, I'm pretending that the agonising has given me focus. Maybe I'll write the summary after all.

In the meantime, it's almost August and, throughout August, Dani is challenging herself to blog every single weekday. I might try joining in.

Who's with me?

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