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Good things in my life right now

The last few weeks have been odd and inconvenient. Steve and Matilda have been through nasty bug after nasty bug after nasty bug; the days when they've been well have either been sodden or scorching (too scorching); the news is too horrendous to go into right now; and... oh... this and that and these things and that other one. It's been a strange, impatient time.

But there have been lovely moments, too.

There has been:

Plum Cookies
Realising just in time that our punnet of plums was past its best, digging out a recipe, nipping to the shop for baking powder which was within date and honey which hadn't solidified, and the three of us whipping up a batch of sticky, splodgy, slightly tart but extremely satisfying cookies (yes, yes, "cookies" - they're not uniform enough to be biscuits).

Book Group In The Sun
This afternoon, while the rest of the family hid indoors, I spent two hours in the park with my book group. Under a tree. In the shade. Book group is probably the best thing I've done for myself in the past year - I so look forward to a bit of time away from the routine, cackling with smart, funny friends.

Date Afternoon
Just Steve and me, eating veggie burgers and deep fried halloumi and drinking milkshakes, talking about all the things we don't usually have the time or attention span for. Just what we were needing.

Different ones springing open in the garden, every time I look outside. The geraniums, campanula, azalea (a successful experiment in a boggy, shaded corner - hurrah!), rambling roses and whatever-those-spiky-yellow-things-are-called are all blooming; we've got masses of nasturtiums on the way and so far we've only lost two sunflower plants to the snails.

Secret Garden
We met my sister and her family at Seaton Park a few weeks ago, where the three kids enjoyed the usual playpark equipment and the decommissioned-train-cum-climbing-frame, but where the real hit was the walled garden. "It's like a maze!" they squealed, running along paths between bushes so big they couldn't see over them. The walled garden is hidden up a hill at the back of the park; it's usually empty; it feels like our own secret place.

Washi Tape Birthday Cards
One of Matilda's favourite things to do right now is cover bits of cardboard in washi tape. She has mastered cutting the tape with her [rubbish, kid-safe, rabbit-adorned] scissors; all I need to do is sit nearby and nod. It's so lovely to see her creating.

Meeting My Friend's Three Week Old Baby
Of course.

What's the good news with you?

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