20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Sarah Rooftops

(Bonus fact: I smile more than this picture implies)

Ages and ages and ages ago, Helen tagged me do to a "20 Facts About Me" post on Instagram. I meant to do it but... you know... it involved more thought than I'm used to putting into Instagram and so it never happened.

And now it's not an Instagram thing. So I'm doing it here instead:
  1. I have one sister. My mum's husband also has two daughters and I'm never sure how to refer to them. "My mum's husband's daughters" sounds a bit impersonal, as though I don't really like them (which I do); "my stepsisters" sounds a bit intimate for people I met in my thirties. I may be overthinking this.
  2. I left home at sixteen. I felt so grown up. But was not.
  3. Steve and I have been together for eight years. This is how we met.
  4. I was Aberdeen's first female cinema projectionist since the war. 
  5. Despite loving the clanky, clunky magic of old school projectors, I avoid seeing films which I know are on film; I can't stand all the hisses and scratches and truncated scenes ("which shoddy projectionist caused that?!"). 
  6. I have very few regrets but I probably shouldn't have listened to the grown ups who told me art school would result in a life of poverty.
  7. I've been a vegetarian since I was twelve, partly for ethical reasons and partly for health ones. No, I don't miss meat.
  8. I would miss garlic, though. And coconut.
  9. The first band I ever saw live was The Cranberries.
  10. The brighter the colour, the better. I dress like a children's TV presenter.
  11. I don't currently own any make up.
  12. The only thank you card I remember sending a stranger was after my miscarriage. I am so grateful to all the medical staff who work so hard - at all hours; regardless of holiday periods - to help strangers through their toughest times. And all at no cost to us. (*waves SAVE OUR NHS placard; shouts out DON'T VOTE TORY*)
  13. I started my (current) photo a day project on 1st March 2014; this was cautiously symbolic as it was the point at which I felt ready to try for another pregnancy. I hope to keep going until Matilda and any subsequent child/ren hit eighteen, if not longer.
  14. I am allergic to perfumes (in toiletries, candles, cleaning products, air fresheners etc) and also to penicillin. 
  15. I really like city centres which have a mixture of old and new buildings; I'm more interested in creating layers of architectural history than in preserving only the ancient.
  16. I graduated from Aberdeen University in 1999.
  17. My ideal way to spend child free time is either to have a hot beverage and cake with one of those friends who never fails to make me laugh or to spend hours on end with a book.
  18. The first thing I ever had published was an opinion piece on armpit hair in J-17. Not to give you the impression that I was ever a freelance journalist; I worked in marketing pre-child so I've seen a lot of my writing in print.
  19. I can't drive and I'm happy that way. I also can't ride a bike which strikes me as a much bigger issue.
  20. In my twenties, I was sure that I didn't want children (and I believe that's a valid choice which doesn't need defended, so I'm not implying anything when I say that:). In my thirties, I think parenting is the best thing I've ever done.
I'm tagging Elise and Emma for the simple reason that they've both been making me look like a prolific blogger recently - here's a prompt for you both! But, if you fancy joining in, consider yourself tagged, too.

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