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Sunflower competition

So, it's Mother's Day and all I really wanted was the illusion that my child had slept for an extra hour; this is the one and only time I have ever appreciated the changing of the clocks.

I also received a life sized paper Matilda (where do I put it?!), a Caitlin Moran book (always welcome) and a couple of hours to myself while Steve and Matilda go swimming (the real gift here is not having to deal with a toddler in a changing room). I was going to sit in the garden, drink some chamomile tea and read my new book but that plan has been scuppered by our neighbour - who does things like turning garages into summer houses just for the fun of it - doing something noisy and productive on the other side of the wall. I'd feel cross* but he's a wonderful source of tools.

*Also, nobody whose toddler spends hours running around the garden shrieking is in any place to complain about noisy but brief stints of lawn moving.

* * *

However, yesterday was spent in the garden.

With it being the first weekend of spring, we invited a couple of [grown up] friends round for a sunflower competition. We're being a bit optimistic because the chances of us getting through April without any frosts are almost non-existent, but we've made little greenhouses out of water bottles and put stickers (insulation!) all over the plant pots so fingers crossed.

We also planted morning glories, nasturtiums, cosmos and some novelty sunflowers (i.e. sunflowers which are not competitively leggy) and so the annual battle with the slugs begins.

* * *

Matilda and I had a joint dentist appointment last week. I was dreading it. The whole point of joint appointments is to prove to your child that visiting the dentist is a joyful, pleasant experience - not an appropriate time for a crying fit - and I'm not that sure of my acting skills.

Anyway, all went well: nobody bit the dentist's finger; positive sounding terminology was thrown around; Matilda sat quietly while I had my mouth checked; and one of us got a sticker (not the co-operative one who had actually opened her mouth, mind you).

Best of all, my gums are apparently in great shape now.

"So whatever you're doing differently," the dentist said, "keep it up."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that the only thing I'm doing differently is consistently forgetting to floss.

* * *

There was something else I was going to waffle on about but I've no idea what it was, so for now: tell me what's new with you?

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