Some Things Which Aren't Christmas-Related

Highland Wildlife Park, Cairngorms

I've booked a trapeze class. I was really hoping that not enough other people would book onto it and it would be cancelled. Because then I could be all, "Oh, yeah, I was going to try that cool but incredibly scary form of exercise despite the waiver form telling me I could fall from a great height and sprain all my limbs, but other people spoiled it for me." Instead, I'm going to have to actually go through with it. And buy some leggings. Holy crap.

We had our first family holiday to Aviemore last week (over Steve's birthday) - two nights in a chalet in a forest. It was mid-week off-season so almost everything was closed. We looked at owls, monkeys and puddles at Highland Wildlife Park (also assorted other things Matilda had no interest in/couldn't see from her car seat) but, otherwise, we just cosied up in the chalet or crunched around collecting fir cones. I feel like I should be able to get a whole blog post's worth of "it was so hygge" waffling out of it but... I kind of don't want to. That would be overthinking our two days of not doing much thinking at all.

Exploding Kittens
New favourite game. Except when other people win.

Second Babies
Another thing I feel like I should be able to get a whole blog post out of. But here's the short version: it seems like everyone who had a baby at the same time as we had Matilda is expecting again (or has already had their second). Steve and I have reasons we would like a second child and reasons we're hesitant (concern about my hips giving out being a big one). Every time we start to seriously weigh up the pros and cons, Steve's work announces another round of redundancies and the decision gets put on hold until we find out whether or not we can afford to pay the mortgage. So I have mixed emotional reactions to other people's pregnancy news: excitement for them; relief it's not me; grief it's not me; and resentment that external factors are playing such a role in the shaping of our family. Oh, and my period's due on Christmas Day - THANKS, SANTA.

The horrible terracotta colour of our stairwell has been replaced by a much calmer, much brighter willow tree green. And it is good.

Tell me: what's new with you?

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