Creating A House of Doodles (With Chalkboard Marker Review & Discount Code)

Plant pot upcycled with ChalkOla chalkboard markers

When I was a teenager, I started scrawling all over my bedroom. I painted flowers on the mirrored wardrobe doors and angsty song lyrics on my chest of drawers; I drew a whole zoo of pencil animals around the spots on my bedroom wallpaper and I sometimes wonder if the next owners noticed them before stripping the late 80s decor away.

Now I have my own home and there's nobody more senior to tut and sigh if I deface the place.

But there's me. I'd tut and sigh about anything which would take serious decorating effort to erase.

And that's where chalkboard markers come in.

You all know that I hardly ever accept review products these days. I have to really want them before I say yes. And I really wanted these ChalkOla chalkboard markers. In fact, they were already on my Amazon wishlist, awaiting some disposable income.

Plant drawn on window with ChalkOla chalkboard markers

I'll get straight to the point: I love them. I doodled all over the house with them. I had a great time.

More details? Okay. I drew on plant pots. I drew on windows. I drew on mirrors. I drew on a blackboard and I drew on chalkboard vinyl. I'm tempted to draw on the kitchen cupboards and bathroom tiles.

It was brilliant.

The pens are full of high density chalk ink - it takes a bit of squidging the pen tip in and out to get them flowing the first time they're used, but after that the ink flows really smoothly; they're lovely to draw with. The only issue I had was the ink running a little bit on very, very cold glass (see picture above: our unheated stairwell) but on all other surfaces it was perfect and it dried quickly, making it safe to use at toddler height.

The chalk ink rubs straight off non-porous surfaces with a wet cloth (it's worth noting that DIY chalkboard paint can be slightly porous; if the chalk ink doesn't wipe off easily, it can be removed with one of those super-duper Magic Sponges that pound stores sell).

Doodling with ChalkOla chalkboard markers

These chalk markers could be great for Christmas crafts - you could doodle on Christmas tree baubles, draw snowflakes and stars on your windows, or make beautiful wrapping paper by drawing on thick brown paper.

Or you could follow my example and stick with chalkboard scribbles and bad jokes.

The ChalkOla chalk markers can be used on any non-porous surface, so: chalkboards; whiteboards; vinyl; mirrors; windows; ceramics; plastic, etc. Obviously, if you're in any doubt, test them on an inconspicuous area first!

I was sent both the pack of ten neon colours and pack of eight earth colours to try out and loved both. You can also buy jumbo chalk markers and a three pack of white chalkboard pens.

If you'd like to do a bit of chalk ink doodling yourself, you can treat yourself to a sparkly 20% off by using discount code 20OFFSTR on any ChalkOla products.

Let me know what you create!

Flowerpot upcycled with ChalkOla chalkboard markers

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