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Frosty leaves

Because I'm currently really enjoying writing this sort of post. That's all.

Here are some flashes of my life lately:

My goodness, after a week of jealousy because the rest of Instagram had snow flurries, the frost finally arrived. And how beautiful it was. So thick and deep it looked like snow. Or - if you were kneeling down because you were trying to show it to a toddler who had solemnly repeated your statement "too cold brr" before bringing you their coat and boots and insisting on going to the park - white crystal flowers all over the football pitch. Gorgeous. It also made our uPVC front [and only] door warp so much that we struggled to lock it but then the rain came back and everything was burglarproof once more.

Sarah's Honey With Ginger
I meant to photograph this. Oh, well. I'm too cosy on the sofa with my hot water bottle to go and do it now. Take it from me: this stuff would be worth a mention even if it didn't have my name on it.

Dad Visit
The annual one happened. I tutted at him about his lack of gloves but that didn't stop us pootling around the frosty park with Matilda and heading out to an adults only evening at the Science Centre on a sub-zero night. It was an astronomy themed event at which we learned (and promptly forgot) various interesting things about the night sky; I've since got round to downloading one of those star map apps onto my phone which I admire from the comfort and warmth of my living room, with the blinds fully down to keep the heat in, obvs.

When the End Comes It Will Be Because of Parsnip and Watermelon Crisps
I may go on about respecting my child's right to privacy online, but my partner, on the other hand, is a grown man in the internet age - he knows that if, say, he blows our monthly food budget on (approximately) 75,000 enormous bags of novelty flavoured crisps I am going to roll my eyes about it online. Yet another Iceland flyer came through our door this morning and I had to tear it up before I put it in the recycling box because pay day is a week away and they're advertising duck spring rolls shaped like Christmas trees - I'm not sure that he'd resist them.

I Now Have Sylvie by St Etienne Stuck In My Head
Which is no bad thing. And at least it's ousted the CBeebies days of the week song.

What's been going on with you?

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