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Toddler toys on coffee table

Well, things have been a bit quiet around here recently, haven't they? There are two reasons for that:

  1. Another bout of blog disinterest during which I crossed out a lot of post ideas and deleted a couple of half-finished drafts. My current attitude is that I don't want to write anything which feels like a potential breach of Matilda's privacy, an attempt to pass myself off as a parenting expert or an advert (paid or otherwise). Which leaves me with whinging and humour. And I haven't been feeling very funny recently because:
  2. Matilda and I have spent the last two weeks slogging through hand, foot and mouth disease. Hand, foot and mouth disease (nothing to do with cows) is the same virus as chicken pox but it supposedly only appears on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet and as ulcers inside your mouth and it supposedly isn't itchy. Matilda was covered head to toe in spots (but not itchy) while my ulcers were all clustered inside my nose (and my hands itched so badly that they kept me awake ALL DAMN NIGHT and made me cry). 
Some other things which have been going on around here:

Mince pies
I, the former festive cynic, am feeling Christmassy already. It took a huge amount of willpower (and Steve's refusal to cart two boxes of decorations down from the attic) for me not to deck the halls in tinsel before we had even got through Halloween. I've made do with buying mini mince pies instead. Which I had to eat immediately. Because they went out of date on 25th November. And so much have I changed since becoming a parent that I didn't even feel the need to complain about Christmas food which goes out of date a month before Christmas and, oh, the crass commercialism etc etc on Twitter.

It's not just me, though. As I type this, I can hear the lady downstairs singing Jingle Bells to two babies who clearly don't want to go sleep.

Is this a bullet journal?
I've started a sort of diary-organiser-book thingy which I suspect, if I was more image conscious and able to keep cactuses alive, I would refer to as a bullet journal. Instead, I'm the sort of person who mutters about young people giving pretentious names to their to do lists. Anyway, it's very helpful, having an ongoing list of household projects, a weekly list of things to do and spending time once a month copying my online calendar down onto a bit of paper. It has prompted me to buy new baby and person-specific birthday cards in good time rather than in the post office. I've even correctly disposed of all of our dead batteries and unwanted medicines because a bit of paper told me that this was the week to do so.

Wish list update
I've added an electric toothbrush (to minimise future dental crying episodes) but, otherwise, it remains blank.

Tell me: what's new with you?

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