Wonderful Wednesday #6

Autumn leaves

This hasn't been the most wonderful of weeks. Matilda and I are both suffering with head colds so we're whiney (her), competitively hard-done-by (me) and utterly sleep deprived. Urgh.

We've been making the most of it, though, holing up indoors and finding new ways to play with all of her toys. Who knew those fitted inside of that?! Would the wooden pirates like some cheese? I hope the babies downstairs aren't trying to sleep. Etc. I can't say we didn't ever see the afternoon reruns of that morning's CBeebies shows but the crayons to cartoons ratio was definitely tipped towards scribbling.

Anyway, on to some of the bright points:

New Winter Jacket
My mum treated me to a new winter jacket (whilst my teenage self cringed and shouted "You're an independent adult!"); she said it was an early birthday present, but fingers crossed she's forgotten about that little proviso by the time 12th December rolls around (12th December, people - add it to your calendars now). Anyway, it meets with all my criteria: brightly coloured (yellow); insanely warm; can be wiped clean after trips to the invariably muddy park. It's possibly the least flattering thing I've ever worn - and I once dressed up as a brussels sprout - but it feels like I've got four lightly warmed pillows strapped to my torso and it turns out that's all I really want.

Toddler Pace Walks
Suddenly Matilda can not only reliably walk to places; she can reliably walk home from them as well. And I love it. I love ambling along the road, holding hands with my daughter, pausing to gather autumn leaves (fig. A, above) and not being lumbered with a buggy.

Big Bag of Cake
Our neighbour was volunteering at a jumble sale on Saturday. There was a lot of homebaking left at the end. We benefited from it. Greatly. That is all you need to know.

* * *

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