Wonderful Wednesday #4

Golden sunrise over Aberdeen

Is it too obvious to say sunrises? Sunrises. At just the right time of day for me to see them. Lovely.

Anyway, here I am back for a fourth week of Wednesday wonderfulness.

We had to give the car back at the weekend but, otherwise, it's been a standard seven days of pottering around and seeing friends. Some of them are new friends, mind you, and that would get listed under "wonderful" if new friendships weren't fragile, butterfly wing sort of things which could be easily broken by squishing them too hard. Like in that episode of Bing. THAT EPISODE OF BING. Ugh. Steve and I felt so betrayed by so much sadness of CBeebies. It's topped only by that episode of Peter Rabbit with the old film footage and the Christmas episode of Old Jack's Boat which made me cry all four times I saw it.

That went downhill and downbeat rather dramatically, didn't it?

Quick change of pace, please, Sarah.


Here. We. Go.

Some happened! One even lasted an hour! And it was on Wednesday! And I had lots of blog posts full of wonderfulness to read! And it was good! (There's back story to this, obviously, but I'll get round to that another day; for now, it's enough to know that they're a very rare occurrence at the moment)

The Fundamentals of Caring
"That one. We're watching that one," I said, when a Paul Rudd film I hadn't heard of popped up on Netflix. And with a five star rating, no less. And so we did. Despite realising at the last minute that it's about a guy in a wheelchair and feeling that, "Ugh, no, we're about to be preached at for ninety minutes" panic. I'm glad we persevered. Not only was it not in the least bit preachy, it was wonderful and funny and may have made one or both of us cry a little bit (there's a lot of crying at the TV this week, isn't there?!). Steve and I both loved it. Definitely one to check out.

Garlic Bread as an Evening Snack

Getting the Whole Park to Ourselves
Because nobody else can be bothered with puddles on the swings and soaking wet slides. Matilda is undeterred by soggy weather and it makes me feel like a Good Mum to go along with that. Mostly.

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