Wonderful Wednesday #3

Tissue paper flower

The third week of Wonderful Wednesday. It's been a bit of a nothing week. The calendar is literally empty. I've been hanging out with Steve, Matilda and the cats and I've been appreciating having parent friends so local I can send them a text reading, "We'll be in the park in 20 minutes" and have good odds on them actually turning up.

So there's not A LOT to write about this week.

But there are these things:

Tissue Paper Flowers
I have a bunch of brightly coloured flowers on the mantelpiece and I only had to make 80% of them myself.

Ginger Tea
I drank it all through my pregnancy and then couldn't face it for... eh... seventeen months afterwards. And now suddenly I can. It makes me sneeze every time I open the box but it warms my cold hands so much better than the brown stuff ever does.

Blogging Productivity
I've got draft posts prepared for dates as far ahead as next June. I know. Hate me now. This is what happens when I need an excuse not to read a mediocre book. Or do our online food shop.

Free Houmous
We had a voucher code. That's the full story. I was filled with so much glee. Free houmous! This Wonderful Wednesdays thing is really making me face up to how middle aged/class I am these days. On the other hand: we had cheesy pasta out of a box on Sunday night and we fed it to our child (it would go on Matilda's Wonderful Wednesday list, definitely. Oh my goodness: Matilda's Wonderful Wednesday list! I'm so torn right now between respecting my child's right to privacy and WRITING THAT POST).

Pink and Peach Milk
Long story. But food colouring was stirred into milk. And the resultant colours pleased me greatly.

Pink milk

Wonderful Wednesdays are Sally's idea but Michelle, Kate, Helen,Jo, Cat, Emma, Sam, Laura, Kerri, Peta, Sarah and Jasmin all take part, too. Check out their blogs for weekly ramblings about the good stuff in life.

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